Academy Add-On 1.0 - a.k.a "The Peaceful Warrior Project"

  • You got your village. You got your villages. Cities.
    In them you can build resource fields, military infrastructure, general infrastructure and education buildings such as academy and blacksmith.

    When you play your game, you can play deff, off, scout or sim. Basically that are 4 types of game-play, which can interact with each other.

    So what I suggest is to have an additional option to research non-military technology in academy, blacksmith or even some other infrastructure.
    Reason for this is because not so many players like to engage fight with active player. Specially now in TK when we got even less PlayerToPlayer interaction.
    Farming now consists basically of finding inactive players that could be considered NPC rather then real player.

    And as game progresses, players who do not have much pop or army, tend to leave server as quiters (inactives). I think adding additional peaceful technology to Travian Kingdoms would make game more interesting and there would be less quiters.

    For instance, player can, instead of researching off and deff points of army, invest his resource in faster traders, faster build speed of buildings, faster settlers... I do not have to be overpowering, doesnt have to be powering at all. Has to be fun and worth keeping.

  • ruipiresc#EN He just had an idea, please don't be too harsh on him :)

    Faust#EN(9) While it sounds interesting and fun it'll require a lot of brainstorming and it can potentially change the game in many ways, while simming is an essential and integral part of Travian this simming is usually used for having more/stronger troops. Also somethings like faster trade routes will prevent people from using gold to NPC or instant deliver which is bad for Travian as business. Same goes for faster building speed , players will spend less gold bringing less revenue to the business. And lastly, fast settlers is a very small aspect of it.

    There can be more things but we do need to see that Travian will not be willing to make changes which will make players use less gold so at the end of the day anyone interested in playing this game need to focus more on making troops and using them wisely or saving them smartly from attacks.

  • This does not make sense at all. First, if you play for population delete your account and play SimCity. Travian is a war game, not a "who builds the cutest village"-game. You can delete via e-mail to, btw. Second, what on earth would keep non-garbage players from using this? If I have 100k troops, nothing stops me from researching faster buildings aswell. It's ridiculous, that people who don't even understand the spirit of the game make proposals. Having read your post in the spiking thread, a disclaimer: No, it's not about medals either. It's a strategy game, you can't press strategy in numbers.

    I don't even dislike the idea itself, but everything else on this post.

  • This would just be another noob-trap. People aren't already appreciating troops enough and thinks they need to stop once they have negative production. On our current round we spotted a guy in top-50 population whom had only 10k troops on day 135 but had lvl 20 great stable (he had 2k horses on the whole account) and other useless stuff like that in his villages :D He had the infrastructure to push like 200k defence if he just actually queued the units instead of some random expensive buildings he doesn't use. I can even go as far as say that majority of the players have no idea how terribly they are actually doing compared to what they could achieve if they just knew better. We should definitely not give noobs yet another way to waste their resources on something that's actually not important. Troops are what wins the rounds, everything else is irrelevant once the endgame comes.

  • Account without troops is a big farm.

    But... Get some boost would be really great. I mean, who never dream about get more mercants capacity ? Better storage ? Smarter chieffing affectation ? ^^

  • As much as this game has been pushing a casual approach as time goes by, the game is still intrinsically a war game.

    There are many passive building games around without war and this is certainly not made to be one, you can be attacked around the clock so pacifism is not a strong card to play.

    Can't echo Jallu words enough.

    Players are already making significant errors because the game subconsciously pushes them in that direction:

    - "Overall rank" & "Village rank" pushes amateurs to believe building for building sake is valuable

    - Quests/weeklys heavily promoting simming

    "Noob-trap" is a perfect term.

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