Is there any tool that would allow me to search for nearest oases with [NUMBER] of [TYPE] animals ?

  • I remember that about a half a year ago I managed to find a site that would allow you to search for animal you wanted with bunch of other parameters, but since my bookmark bar has long been reseted I cant find it anymore. Anyone?

    Also I am not just interested in elephants, wanna farm exp as well.

  • We are probably not thinking about the same tool then. :P There are several elephant finders online already and I never saw anyone get banned for using them. Could some dev come and say if using such tools is bannable?

    Edit: Also used elephant finder for at least 4 years in Tlegends and never got banned, dont see why T-Kingdoms would be any different. T_T

  • It's illegal for T:L and TK. You just don't get banned, because it's not easy to track, if trackable at all. Just read the gamerules:


    §3. Use of external applications

    Travian Kingdoms must be played using the official Travian Kingdoms app or an unmodified, conventional browser. Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer 10 and above are all supported, excluding any alpha and beta versions. Moreover, Travian Kingdoms does not support any third-party mobile application.

    The use of scripts, bots or apps to automate actions is not allowed.

    Similar text for T:L aswell.

  • The reason animal finders are banned while something like a farm finder is not is because the API gives village information on request to external sites which they can then use to build farm finder for example. Meanwhile animal or oasis info isn't given by the official api so what happens is that the guys who run the animal finder run bots on the server who "click" trough the oasis and record the animals that way. It creates a massive server load and of course quite unfair gameplay when someone picks up all the animals from the server instantly.

  • It's intentional.
    Capturing animals requires cages.

    Getting cages requires auctioning.

    For auctioning you need silver .

    You get silver by converting gold.

    You need to use money to buy gold.

    Why would travian, allow such feature.

    Which make people buy less gold.

    And capture best animals for least money.

    P.S. ^ Above is not a poem.

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    Pacifist001 thank you for raising this question and thank you for your honesty. I think, this is a topic that is interesting for a lot of players.

    It's like Be2-e4 and Curtain already mentioned, forbidden to use these tools. It would be a too huge advantage for players who are using the tool compared to players who don't have access to one.

    Question: Do you have an idea for an in game gold feature that searches for animals and wouldn't be considered a pay-to-win tool?

    kind regards,


  • P.S. ^ Above is not a poem.

    It's intentional since ages,

    capturing animals requires cages.

    Getting cages requires auctioning,

    for which you spend silvery bling bling.

    You get this silver by converting gold,

    which, for real money, is sold.

    Travian doesn't want money to suspend,

    but by that less gold would be spend.

    No capturing best animals for low,

    it wasn't a poem, but it is now.

  • Be2-e4 - Like a Boss!


    BridgetB Don't get me wrong but that sounds like asking - "Do you have an idea of killing someone without making it look like a murder!".

    Okay but seriously, if we can implement using of cages like scrolls for example, you can only use 100 cages a day and if you have travian plus you can search and filter animals or an additional pack, which you can buy to search and filter animals. Well it's still pay-to-win, but it's atleast competitive.

  • Question: Do you have an idea for an in game gold feature that searches for animals and wouldn't be considered a pay-to-win tool?

    How could a gold feature not be pay to win? And to be honest, the whole cages thing (together with a lot of other features) is pretty much the definition of pay to win already

  • So game-designers should always work for free? Nobody forces you to buy cages or other items. Yes you can get an advantage, but nothing too overpowered if you work together with a few players.

    if this refs to me: I did not say that this is a bad thing, just noting that animals themselves are pay to win already. starx screenshot is a perfect example of it. its of course better this way than having no travian at all because they went bankrupt. im also part of the 'problem' buying gold every now and then myself.
    Also if you take the effort and sum up everything you can get with gold you realise it is indeed a pretty huge advantage over nongold using you can get with gold. sure you can make up for some of it with teamplay but no one restricts heavy gold use paired with teamplay either. (and again, i dont mind the game to work like this. travian can deal with not everyone being on the same skill/effort/success level. thats where kingdoms come into play. but saying that its not having a strong impact is just not correct)

  • Is it possible to enter "frame + hunting dog" options on the auctions in the frame tab? will search for animals, stronger in defense "or randomly multiply x 2 or x 3 number of animals in one cage. You can also put in a card game multiply animals - who is lucky to draw and who does not - let the cards do not play :-))