We are keeping PT and PL in COM rounds

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    Dear players,

    We have read your feedback in the discussion threads about the domain merge with COM and had a couple of 1:1 discussions about keeping the localized game version on international rounds even though our in-game support will only be in English.

    Unfortunately, we won’t keep all languages available in the game because of translations costs. We also looked thoroughly at ways to implement a translation done by the community as you have mentioned. We concluded that this additional workflow would be more expensive than using the already existing way on getting in-game translations. That is why we dismissed this idea.

    The good news is that we are keeping both Portuguese and Polish language on all COM rounds including the upcoming speed round COM1X3 starting on Jan 29.

    In addition, we will include the Portuguese translation in all upcoming Spanish game rounds, so that our Portuguese players can decide on their own which domain they want to join.

    Please remember, even though we are keeping these two game translations updated, we won’t offer support in these languages anymore.

    Why only these two languages?

    We considered many different options and language combinations. These two languages represent the two biggest domains with the most active players among all domains we have merged to COM.

    Thank you all for sharing your thoughts, giving us feedback and posting your suggestions. You made it possible to at least keep two languages in the game.

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team