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  • upgrading to city lets you build great barracks and great stable, it means you are capable to have 2 barracks and 2 stable in the same village, it makes your offensive army recruitable much faster and it can be pretty great in off power. Plus even if its not a main village or one of those you're using to create armies, even if its a resource village, that has a task to obtain res during hourly production and send it to other your villages, due to limitation of res upgrade of non-capital villages to lv10, when you upgrade it to a city, max res fields lv is 12lv, so you will be capable to get much more crop in this case during hourly production.

    2 examples of res gain difference, without any oases bonuses.

  • there are certain types of villages you want to city up

    -your capital (for what deacon said, also for the water ditch and capital as city gives 500 extra culture points per day, while non capital cities only give 200. dont miss on that 300 cp)

    -every 15c and 9c at some point for the crop. even if you yourself wont need it, someone in your kingdom will apreciate it and love you for it :D

    -treasuries (for the increase in their influence and water ditch)

    -other tactical villages including wonder (mainly for the water ditch)

    -offensive villages that are not your capital (for the great barracks+stable and also the ditch)

    -villages that are in the process of getting chiefed by the enemy (as they have twice the loyalty towards you. this can mean difference between keeping and losing the village)

    for the other villages it depends. if you sim fast, you would most of the time be better off getting a new village over citying up one as it yields more resources and gives more culture at some point. if you sim slowly or just cant be arsed to do that many clicks, you might aswell city up and build res fields to 12, its far less clicks :D