[discussion] 15cropper – your feedback is needed

  • It has been said that fast settling is caused by the tasks rewards and so if tTavian wants to fix that then that's the place to start.

    However I believe it is desired that way to help people grow quickly at the start and see better growth over the game, keeps people interested for longer.

    To tackle 15c early settle I think just make it so that you can only settle a 15c from 3 villages onward. I admit this will delay the leveling of a croppers fields but everyone is in the same situation so no advantage or disadvantage.

    ''What you can't farm oases'' 8|

  • Brainstormed few solutions to the defense problem here with guys

    1) Weapon that gives NPC attack

    When defending the stage 2 attacks you could be rewarded with a weapon for your tribes basic defense unit that buffs their attack by say 50 or 100 meaning you could use your Praetorian or spears to attack the NPC in the final phase. For obvious reasons this attack power boost would only work against the NPC. Could technically be a adventure reward too but probably underwhelming to get one from there so better as a defense reward.

    2) Defense gives "Proof of Victory" consumables

    You would earn a consumable called Proof of Victory every X units (lets say 100) of the NPCs you kill on defense. These would only be given out on stage 2 attacks if necessary and not stage 1 raids. Each consumable would give your hero a temporary attack boost of say 10k (equivalent of 150 swords) that again works only against NPCs. You can use these to help you clear the NPC along with your robber clearer force. It makes thematic sense too as you win battles they will start to respect you more and eventually surrender.

    Both of these options could work independently or together and would help defense players clear the NPC's but not make them stronger at it than offense players.

    3) Natarian horn could also effect NPCs

    Not really a defense thing but would help regardless.

    Just some ideas not sure how good these are or even if they are possible to implement :D

  • I like making it harder to get onto the 15c's . but there needs to be some way to get the crop you need to feed your troops. If there are going to be rewards for fighting with the new NPC villages ,maybe you could win options to level up crop fields in your villages . one level on one field at a time , limited to maybe 3 fields per village, then you could keep building troops and feed them while you get big enough to tackel the NPC and Natar villages. I think this would help keep players involved. I need to read over everyones comments again. But overall I like the concept.

  • Here are the some important parts picked from the feedbacks dropped by Turkish players in this thread.

    1) KeyfiCigara FamilyGuY LovëGood tm

    The number of 15c should be increased in any case, because some players argue that this is the main problem.

    2) LovëGood RPG-7 tm

    Some argues that this will lead players to spend more gold on average for NPCs due to the lack of a cropper so that the game will be more P2W.


    The game is too complicated as it is, especially for new players. As we add new features, new players will have a harder time to get used to the game.

    4) LovëGood tm ces#TR galalı#TR

    Some suggest speeding up the deletion process of inactive accounts instead so that there will be more croppers to settle.

  • You are mad because we are occupying 15c with the second village

    and we destroy it first :).

    I do it when I play a server for entertainment, if i see that it will not go for plans I am having fun by keeping c15.

    You can get c15 100 fields forward.

    If you are the best this is no problem for us bad that we should not have c15.

    If u want have 500 unit first 12h for raid , u have unit, i not need 500 unit in first 12h so settle new village.

    If play governor..

    now you want to have the time to train 1000 soldiers to rob us or oases and collect raw materials for the next villages.

    for this course of the game we have all the same opportunities, but it is easier for kings and those who afford gold the first day

    24h time game pass,now we have 20-40 player with 1k unit and c15 or c9. what remain for us? Be seven?

  • thing

    Leave it as it is now.

    Can be +

    If the C15 in a short time does not reach 100,200,300 pop (perhaps because of the catapults) is lost.

    Anyone with c15 has no vacations.

    48 hours acc is not active, c15 is lost.

    NPC is not good, the king and the duke will be of great benefit because of taxes

  • I don't agree with the new ideas because the game is already hard for new players as it is also i don't want to make the game more PVE, i feel like there is enough simming already and that the game at its core should be almost full out PVP. I think that the solution could be that either 15c can be chiefed or that all villages of a grey player can be chiefed since i find that the most common problem isn't just that 15c are taken but taken by inactive players which makes the square useless. I don't think the fast settle is a problem, i think it is a choice players make to set themselves back a bit to have a 15c for the future.

  • This is not going to improve the game at all, any player by browsing the forums/internet can find a fast settle guide. Fast settle can be achieved using the starting 40 gold - so taking a 15c is not a P2W feature in any way. This change would severely nerf off players as they would have even less time to build a hammer/army throughout the game whereas def players can build from the very start. Most of the complaints are probably from people who are too lazy to just learn how to play efficiently - I discovered fast settling on my own within 2-3 rounds of travian and it's not hard at all and I completely disagree with the changes listed here.

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  • You need to be looking at this game from a point of view of trying to create incentives for players to fight other players, not the environment.

    Have you considered the possibility of having all players spawn on a 15 cropper, which then changes to a 6 cropper when they go gray?

    If a player's capital is on a 15 cropper, and the capital is zeroed, then the 15 cropper remains a 15 cropper and is available to be settled.

    But if a player on a 15 cropper goes gray, the 15 cropper reverts to a 4-4-4-6er.

    I don't know exactly how that would all work, but players would all be able to get croppers, and the only way to get another cropper is to take it away from another player.

    I think people would fight for that.

  • I don't know exactly how that would all work, but players would all be able to get croppers, and the only way to get another cropper is to take it away from another player.

    The devs already stated (actually in here, post #52) that they do not want everyone to have croppers, they shall remain something 'special'.
    Also keep in mind that unless you are heavy gold using, having a cropper isnt even that good. Especially as starter it would make you overflow with crop and leave you with no other resources