[discussion] 15cropper – your feedback is needed

  • LoCrus Well said and you don't need to apologies for bad English (P.S. It's not bad at all). Most importantly you made an effort to participate, which is much appreciated.

    I agree with what all you have said, why would I not play thousands of PvE games instead of travian if I wanted to play against an AI. There are numerous strategical games to do so. Waiting for new "Age of Empires" too, anyway, sorry for going off topic.

  • Be2-e4 Don't listen to this guy, he is an absolute troll and a braindead moron, changes his name every couple days in the hope that people won't recognise him. I think he is just mad because he is too bad to get the 15c he wants in every server - also he is only 3 bronze stars so clearly not an experienced player unless he is a legends vet. Also my take on this idea overall is that right now the game is already hugely balanced towards def players and this change would only further increase the power of def players. This would be because while defenders can carry on pushing out units from the start as they always have done off players will now have reduced army sizes and apparently also constant attacks from NPCs, if this idea is implemented I can see a lot of the playerbase leaving - honestly i'm not sure how TK Devs came to the conclusion that this was an idea worth implementing. If the issue is that latecomers struggle to get 15c or catch up to players who signed on at the start then maybe introduce some sort of catch up mechanic. Off the top of my head here are a few things that could be changed:

    -Amount of reso received from stolen goods is based on number of days server has been running, rather than number of days you have been playing (ie, everyone is on equal footing regardless of playtime

    To be honest I was going to think of more ideas but what constantly seems to come back around in my head is that if TK focused on increasing the playerbase it would solve so many of the issues facing the game - if every server had 2-3k ppl signing up instead of like 500-1k then there would be more kingdoms fighting for supremacy, more land would open up (ie more 15c, 9c etc) and a few others that I can't remember now but remember discussing with ppl.

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  • it's hard to listen to someone, whom you don't understand anyway. xD

    And yes, def is imba, not because of timings, but because of the water ditch (compared to the siege, which is supposed to counter it, it's 1000x better) and because of missing relevant targets.

    -Amount of reso received from stolen goods is based on number of days server has been running, rather than number of days you have been playing (ie, everyone is on equal footing regardless of playtime

    It's actually based on the rank 1's (in terms of population) production. But account & server age does play a role indeed, if your account age is less than half the age of the server, you'll get less ressources, the higher the gap, the less resources.

  • Dear Kingdoms' Community,

    Here are some of the top concerns and suggestions from your AE Kingdoms' Community about the proposed 15c feature:

    • No siege units for Natars if it is implemented because it will be to much for NPC fights
    • The offensive players will gain way more advantage than the defensive ones with this feature
    • Adding the possibility to conquer 15c Capital if the player went inactive
    • The proposed bonus from defeating the Natars is too little, they suggest (increase the training time for some period - increasing the resources production for some period - hero items)
    • Don't delete inactive villages after 30days of inactivity

    Those was the AE community input in this topic

    Best Regards

    Red John
    Customer Service Representative & Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms AE

  • In my opinion it is a really bad idea.

    New players will have very hard times trying to get a cropper, off players will have less time to build his off, deff players will be forced to create an off army to get a cropper.

    I think the number of 15c/9c should be increased.

    Average player proud to be part of BM

  • A little update from the Spanish community:

    Some players recommend that 15c appear on the server at a later date, not from the start, instead of doing it the proposed way, as some players don’t want to receive attacks if they by chance happen to be in the influence of those villages, as some players don’t want to conquer a 15c anyway.

    Players still see Kings and Dukes benefiting too much from it and defensive players at a huge disadvantage.

    One recommended to have an extra building that allows you to change some of the resource fields into crop fields (or change as needed to a different field) and only who is interested could make the building.

  • Time for the next summary, from the german community. :)

    - Faster deletion for inactive players, who block a 15 cropvillage.

    - No more NPCs. The fight against real players is the essence of the game. The more NPCs are added, the more Travian Kingdoms becomes a Sim City game.

    - More rquirements to settle a crop village, sadly no examples given.

    - The possibility to change the fields in your village, like destroying a clay pit and grow there crop.

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms DE

  • Hi there,

    one last call (I guess) from Czech guys and gals. Some player wanted to change this feature for Menhir one (meaning they would like to have Menhir feature removed and replaced by this). They expressed that Menhir feature empowers guys who have known each other for a while at expense of the new players. Told them that this game is also about making friends but we could also take this into consideration :-)

  • Do you think, we should handle the 15c like the WW villages and forbid them to be a main village? 64

    1. No (54) 84%
    2. Yes (10) 16%

    Dear players,

    Thank you again for the valuable feedback and lively discussion. We evaluated all your feedback internally in a couple of brainstorming sessions and meetings.
    This is our conclusion by now:

    If we will go further with this concept, we already decided on reducing the PvE approach and on keeping some empty 15c fields on the map.

    We will close this discussion because your feedback changed the concept completely. It makes more sense to discuss the new iteration in a new thread as soon as it has matured more.

    For now, we only need you to answer one last question. Help us by taking part in the poll on the left.

    Some of you already addressed the topic of having the 15c as main village. There are some good reasons for handling them like WW villages and forbid them to be main villages. On the other hand, that might be too harsh of a limitation for players.

    I wish you a nice weekend and have fun playing,