New achievement for Treasuries

  • Hello i would like to suggest new achievements for duke's and king's.

    The achievement would be for having have multiple active treasuries ( so a governor can't get it) and multiple stages.

    I came to this idea because of having multiple treasuries in my capital and it would be nice if there was a hidden achievement for it :)

    1. Have 1 active treasury

    2. Have 5 active treasuries

    3. Have 10 active treasuries

    4. Have 15 active treasuries

    5. Have 20 active treasuries ( need 2 extra building slots)

    1. Have 1 20 level active treasury

    2. Have 5 20 level active treasuries

    3. Have 10 20 level active treasuries

    4. Have 15 20 level active treasuries

    5. Have 20 20 level active treasuries ( is this even possible becouse u need 2 wherehouses to upgrade to lvl 20? )

    Feel free to comment your idea or suggestion about this topic.

  • I reckon, both of those can be merged into same achievement since, the latter one will always satisfy the conditions for the former achievement you mentioned.

    Also, there are total 22 building slots in a village where a treasury can be built including cards and in the end you need these 3 buildings to construct the last possible treasury :

    1 Granary

    1 Warehouse - (Edit - Possibly best to have a Stonemason instead since warehouse will be overflowing anyway)

    1 Main Building, constructed when the last treasury is in queue by demolishing 2nd Warehouse.

    So theoretically you can have 19 level 20 treasuries at max but again, it'll be a village without barracks, residence/ palace and stonemason so not justifiable to have almost 80000 treasures in a treasury with no stonemason and no residence / palace.
    Also without barracks/ marketplace, you'll not be able to use that village for collecting tributes or making troops. So make sure it's a 15C so that the wastage of resources is minimum.