• Should Dual Feature be Revamped to give more rights/powers to the Dual account? 43

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    A valid analogy can be made for duals to unsung heroes. Many of them give so much to an account but do not get any prestige or achievement in return. This is an ongoing request from the community so this topic might not be about if we need to implement this, it could rather be about if it should be implemented as top priority or if it can wait .

    There are players here who are much more experienced than me and could have better ideas on how to implement this so I'd urge them to please present their opinions. The only downside I see is that duals do not have anywhere to showcase their medals and prestige, but I do believe that this is something which can be solved in game design by incorporating dual's avatar (even if smaller in size) on the main account, with their name, and the main account can be allowed to showcase any of medals from duals and the overall account can show the highest prestige from either account owner / dual.

    It'll also be need to addressed how account owner can remove duals at any time, which should not be the case and it could be something more on the lines of kingdom union, i.e. once you dual an account for 1 server you cannot remove duals or delete account without mutual agreement.

    There are many other factors which are hard to cover in one post by one person so please feel free to enlighten us all in the chat below on what you all thing.

    Sheila Could we please have some thoughts on this from the perspective of game designing. I reckon you're the best person to bring this issue to.

    _Best Regards

  • Im just here to support the idea! Your legendary dual deserves as much praise( perhaps a little more ;)) for keeping Stars operating like a well oiled machine!

    Im not sure how I would implement it, but it is a good idea that i believe needs to be implemented ASAP!

  • I'm against any dual opportunity, it would make the player/accounts less active (at least not 24h).

    So they are more vulnerable and good teams will be needed to cover times when king/dukes are sleeping or jsut give king/dukes dual right.

    The Game would be more interesting and also harder for all players instead making this game more and more PvE and easier / more boring with every update.

  • Im not sure how adding a dual makes a player/acct.......less active? That's like saying adding water to a glass makes it more....empty?!?!

    Duals in this game are a staple and more common than one might having more recognition for those duals would go along way towards bettering the game....and expanding its player base.

    Imagine if an experienced player decides to take on a new player as a dual....sort of like a mentor.....that player would learn the game AND receive game recognition along the way......then perhaps that more experienced decides to do the same thing.....Travian expands its player base .

  • On a little side note, one should probably remove the possibility of dual-hopping. My dual and me play together, forever, since a few years. But I kick her out of the account for roughly 20 times in a round, such that other kingdom members can add her as dual, if they can't send off plans themselfes, so she can do it. This "abuse" points out the essence of the problem quite well: Duals are nothing, but sitters who can send real attacks and bid on auctions, and not a relevant part of the account. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • If all duals are irrelevant....whats the point of them then?? The point that they cover an acct. in which the the other (registered) player cannot...for whatever the reasons(life, work....etc...), that in my opinion makes them completely relevant! Saying "Duals are nothing" diminishes their immense value.....otherwise you would not trust your acct to them to take care of while you are not online.

    Though i do agree that if this were to be implemented that the dual-hopping would most definitely have to be addressed.

  • Well, you got my point, but misunderstood what I was trying to say. Maybe this clears it up: Right now, duals are nothing, but a little better sitters. It's how they're treated by TG right now and exactly that is the problem.

  • My apologies, rereading your post....yes...misread, but yes, it seems TG ignores the importance of duals. I'd also like to see this implemented because when im speaking with players who have duals......i never know who im actually talking to.