speed servers

  • Hello there

    I am wondering why Travian does not make a higher speed server than 3x. I know that many of you will say the server won't be optimal and playable.. but many of you stay active all the time play 24/7 while you are playing another game. but if Travian wanted they could make a server playable 24/7 where the player could do something while playing keep attacking and farming getting bigger and bigger. What they should is to make those servers for max 2 days duration even take money for joining those servers so they could keep the server optimal and stable with no lag and so on.

    What they could do to make those servers is to make them like the tribal wars server speed where they make the resources production every minute instead of the hour that way a 3x server will be fun and playable 24/7. All they need is to increase the speed to like 20x or 50x I don't know but by testing it and get the feedback they would get a more fun game and with a lot of players and make a profit with it I think its only a suggestion. but have Travian ever thought about it? :/:/:/

    we all loves the game that much that we can get inoff :*:*

  • What about the units/troops?

    You are definitely asking you self will the units/troops also eat every minute no in this case. Because if units/troops eat that fast you will never be fast enough to send crops. that's why they should eat every hour.

    But then the player will be able too make a huge army no he wont. why?

    yes that's because you should make a units/troops limit in every village of course the capital village should be able to loot more troops than a normal village.

    Can I send the units/troops from all my other villages to one village?

    yes of course but you won't be able to make anymore units/troops when they leave their village. You will only be able to make units/troops if they die.

    more coming sooon ;):D:D

    wish they will try it;(;(;(