It has officially been a month since Wiki for the game has been updated.

  • There are several dozen outdated, bad articles and you will get more in game knowledge from players. It seems like all the important information is passed from ear to ear and nobody can check validity of such information. It seems like you are more worried about your dinner burning while your entire house is on fire. How are people supposed to play the game when they dont even know all the information about the game.


  • 1 month is apperently often.

    Here are some suggestions:

    1. Update pictures, many of them are from previous version of the game.

    2. Update tips you give on wiki that dont work anymore.

    3. Add missing information. Siege attack bonus %, missing facts like the fact that robbers only spawn on uneven fields, etc.

    Then once those 3 big things are dealt with start doing minor stuff and polish.

  • Hi guys :)

    unfortunately it is true that the wiki is currently in a bad shape, both on the technical side and information wise. This issue has been forwarded to the game center before and the latest information I have for you is that the responsible people are currently evaluating possible options on how to go forward with the wiki. We are aware that it is an important source of information for our players that needs to be improved and hopefully we'll be able to do something about it soon. I'll make a note to ask about it again and will let you know as soon as there's new information. Thank you for bringing this to our attention again!

    Meanwhile please feel free to ask your questions here on the forums and via our Help Center. Our amazing community and team members are always eager to help out :)

    Best regards

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International

  • First of all it says it allows for an additional 33% bonus, look at the wording. It does not say it adds 33% attack bonus, but instead allows for. This type of wording does not explain following things:

    1. If my troop count in an attack is reduced below 1000 does the bonus remain? For example in an all out attack troops will fight to the death in waves. So for example something like this could happen.

    wave 1-1200 troops 3 rams

    wave 2-900 troops 2 rams

    wave 3- 880 troops 0 rams

    Will I lose siege bonus on wave 2 or wave 3? Does it remain for the entirety of the attack? How does it work with other passives in the game, etc.

    2. Is the bonus always flat 33% or does it scale up to 33%? Again the wording leaves me to think that it is not just +33% all the time.

    3.Also article seems so outdated with that picture!

  • Siege bonus (and travel time increase) is calculated in the moment you are sending. Even if you starve half the army on their way and reduce them to under the minimum to siege, you still remain sieging, including damage and time increase.
    Also there is no real wave fighting in travian. There is the prefight which calculates wall level if you are ramming (tho others might be able to tell you far more about this) but thats it.
    If you send multiple waves aka multiple trooptabs, they are caulculated individually. You will see that if you send your first wave with 999 clubs and a single ram on siege it will take twice as long as the second wave with say 500 clubs and a ram. Also the second wave will not even qualify to siege as it needs min 1k troops + 1 ram.
    Siege bonus is flat 33%. There are other bonuses like the max 20% (scaling with points spent in it) from the hero and the max 20% (scaling with level of building) from the teuton unique building brewery. I think they stack multiplicatively, but im not sure. but they definitively do stack *at least* additively.

    The wiki used to be quite decent but they didnt update it when they updated/added features like single king instead of 3 per kingdom, union, Menhir for instance. Now its good if you know what article to trust but can be quite harmfull if you dont

  • Yes, they stack multiplicatively, siege + brewery 20 + 20% hero bonus = 91,5% more strength. You can add a natar horn to it against natars, to have even more than 100% bonus. :p