Trappers, How to attack?

  • Well, you don't. Gauls are just untouchable in the early game, unless played by a mega-noob. Ok, you can touch them, but you'll burn your fingers while he laughs at you while refilling his trapper. Wait until midgame, then you can will their traps with clubs (as teuton), legati (as roman) or phalanx (as gaul), ideally built in a support village, where the loss of training time doesn't matter. If you intend to farm him regularly, don't forget to cat some buildings (main building, barracks, stable, market, w/e) down, such that he's busy rebuilding that stuff, instead of rebuilding traps - you can't aim at a trapper with catapults, only hit them by random.

    easy just make a poll if tk devs should nerf gauls :D if they nerf less gauls will be and you wont need to worry. Its trending now anyway making poll about all little things that ppl cant deal with :)


  • The game has pushed into a heavy early-game defensive meta, meaning that Gauls are best tribe to start the server with, and since they are defensive even if you have a bad start you can easily come back with them and being the first to settle is easy with them.

    My question is why is their cranny so powerful? As a Roman that cant dip into that cranny like a Teuton, cranny is more annoying. Especialy since in the early game they can just pop 2 of them and dodge every attack free of charge for like a month. I doubt there are so many new players to warrant Gauls being this strong. Oh well, what can you do. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯