Hall of fame in english is poor and not worth looking.

  • Hall of fame here is poor and not worth looking. No best fighters, no best defenders, no best heroes, no best players from 3 victory team, no historical value for us. Useless form.
    On our closed Polish section it was done much better, look there, in archive. :(

  • I remember that 3-4 years ago on RS forums of TL you would see a youtube videos pop up after a round is over and victory is declared. People would compile things like biggest hammer, biggest anvil, most deaths etc. It was amazing to watch and I was always searching for them on forums whenever a server ended. Dont see them nowdays.

  • Hello Majamas

    yes, we know. Thank you for bringing this up. We do want to improve our Hall of Fames in general and offer more in information in all domains. However, this will take some time to develop and won't come within the next months.

    Just to confirm that we talk about the same thing: you'd would prefer it to have the screenshots of the statistics at the end instead of the current Hall of Fame format.

    Like here: Koniec PL4 r.4 - gratulujemy zwycięzcom [WYNIKI ŚWIATA GRY]

    Community Communications Manager :)


  • Yes, Bridget. This form is very good and has historical value for all players who hold game to the end. We, as players must feel like we creating some story in long half year play.

    Few of us are gone, few died in real life, few are still in this game. Its nice when we can find them all in hall fame, its important way to remember the party.

    Summary all work is to make some statistical screenshots. Why we need wait for it? Looks nothing difficult.