Doubt about block.

  • I have this situation:

    1- Player X sends an attack.

    2- A few hours after sending the attack, player X is blocked for cheating.

    The question is, if the player is still blocked when the attack reaches its target, will the attack bounce back and the troops retreat, or will the attack be effective and cause damage?


  • Hello guys

    it isn't very nice nor allowed to accuse other players of cheating on the forums. Please remember that according to our forum rules ingame bans and punishments are not to be discussed here so please address your rule violation questions/concers to the multihunting team via the Help Center and you will receive a reply asap!

    If you already did that and are unhappy with the result, please PM me and I'll gladly assist you further

    Kind regards


    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International