Hero's right hand item

  • In the T4 version the right hand item bonus is given only to the troops coming from the same village as the hero. Is this true also for the T5 version?

    Using the in game simulator:

    • Attacker: 1 Imperian
    • Defender 1 Praetorian + Hero (Long sword of the Praetorian)
    • Supporter 1 Praetorian

    the simulator gives following report:

    the attacker : 70 attack point

    the defender: 550 defense points (10 "base points" + 65*2 "praetorians" + 400 "hero base points" + 2*5 "right hand item")

    Is the simulator wrong?


    Will the right hand item bonus be applied also to troops coming from other villages?

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  • Hi there Lucifero

    this is intended - in Travian Kingdoms the hero weapon bonus applies to all troops of the same type that are stationed at the same village/oasis. In case there are multiple heroes present with different tier items only the highest bonus applies. Hope that helps!

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