Different attack markers

  • raid attack or siege always showa red marker over attaked village

    We got spy glass that can be used onlY in rally point

    Deff coordinator needs to ask eacg player in person what kind of atk is coming

    So much time taken. MY king Morphy on world 5 sleeps 1.5 hours per day then goes to work bcause we got more then 100atks each day for month now. Checck com5deff stats

    Please give my King time to sleep more he is best King I ever had

  • The defensive role is already pretty strong as is, such feature might just tip the scales some more.
    I know being a king may be taxing (literally lol). and even more so, if this guy has to take care about the other 'jobs' in the kingdom. May I instead suggest that you look for someone else to take the role of def coordinator or at least co-def coordinator?
    Also you guys gonna have to kick your govs in the rear to get sitters for times when they are asleep, so the info about who and what attacks can be shared faster, making the DCs job at least somewhat easier :D