TravPro World

  • 100€ ticket player.needs to pay for regitration

    60 percent of the money goes to Travian

    30 percent goes to player

    10 percent to charity by Travians choice

    First ten players get money equally ten percent of 30 percent overall. He who has best stats overall wins. Like in trooptool.rankings.

    World lasts for 3 months.

    No sitters allowed

    No duals allowed

    Gold each player gets 100 000 on start. is.not allowed.

    Vacation mode available up to 21 day.

    No world wonder no kingdom points

  • A big joke. I laughed when I read that. Thank you.

    There are a few nuggets of intelligence in this proposal that almost wiped out my tears. Like totally despising players who allow others to be "great". Like thinking about putting a vacation mode in a Pro server.