Travian Kingdoms not only for harcore gamers but casual too.

  • Im a old player but I never was that hardcore player like the players of travian, some people sleep only 3 hours to keep up in your game and is hard to bring new players, even if they make the registration they will quit right away. Your game is not for casual but for hardcore and old players, I think its about your troops mechanic we waste to much time to train troops and if we lose them we need to train all of them again and is to expensive and take so much time. Other games have buildings like hospital or something when we lose troops we can recover some depend of the lvl of that building. That could call new players and make them play for a bit time and not only come and go after a week or less.

  • This game was created for only casual players, as a supposed counterpart for Travian Legends which was supposedly for more hardcore players. If you can't survive in Kingdoms, there is no game in existence where you could survive. Try Simcity perhaps...

  • Kingdoms has, especially compared to T:L, a lot of options for casual players to sacrifice a bit of effectivity to gain more convenience. For instance the major ones:

    • Cities - you sacrifice a large portion of your culture efficiency, but you have easier logistics and are safer
    • Boots of the chicken - you can send your hammer to a raid on a gray village over night and the boots save your nightly production
    • Shared oasis mechanics - nobody can steal your oasis over night
    • GB/GS (versus 3 small offs) - you sacrifice several minor advantages of three offs to get easier logistics and a more casual-friendly hammer due to the lower crop consumption
    • Trade routes
    • Farmlists