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  • Not entirely sure how does it work, but I believe there shouldn't be 2 accounts with basically the same name no matter it's a sitter. It throws a suspicion and I know a player who did the same - sitted one and played another one with similar name and had to delete one of his accounts. If this will not be the case and you will be able to continue on both accounts, it will be very unfair. So I guess say bye to one of your accounts and the other one should be unbanned soon.

  • we will see what MH has to say about this and how they interpret the rules, but i will just post here a few of their "articles" which are a total mess and i am very curious why they are not refined and more detailed


    • Avatar: The avatar is your representation in one of the game worlds of Travian Kingdoms and is bound to your account.
    • Dual: A dual avatar is an avatar that is played by multiple players in order to achieve a longer period of sustained online activity. They play together and confer with each other about what needs to be done for the avatar. A dual avatar is useful as each player can balance the strengths and weaknesses of one another, leading to an overall benefit for the whole avatar. Additionally, all players of the avatar usually have the same rights as the account owner connected to the avatar. So they can also spend your Gold!
    • Sitter: A sitter is a player from your surroundings, or even better, from your kingdom, who helps out with your avatar. If possible, you should regularly speak to each other and arrange to be online at different times, ensuring the avatar will be played even more actively by the sitter. Moreover, it is advantageous if each of you has a different focus (offensive/defensive).

    so both accounts are played for real by real separate independent persons, one of them will be more developed and one will be an expandable one - that was the strategy, and i am very sure i am not the only one using it !!!

    precisely because i did not consider this to be any breaking of rules i asked doctor who - a friend made in several game rounds that he should put my name in his avatar, that is why it is doctordoub and it is his acount not mine, not a multi account !!! and i have been very open about this, i told any one that asked me.

    i don't see what is the difference of me being his sitter the whole game and developing our separate accounts together ..... and me deleting at some point my acc and playing as dual in his the rest of the game

    if that is an abuse of the game rules why it is not written as such! there is no mention that that strategy is illegal and why do they leave the open options for duals to register in the middle of game round, they should forbid duals to register after they have an account in the same game server and they should clearly specify that in written rules ... not let you guess what are the actual rules of the game... or are they changing from person to person and from time to time but no one knows exactly why when and where?!?

    and another issue that presents it self here, if it is decided that i did not break any rules how would the other players know?!?! i am not allowed to share any info about what has been discussed, decided and shared with me by MH - and that is clearly specified in rules,

    how will i be able to straiten up my reputation after this as i can't show no proof about the decision and from now on every body will think i am a cheater - and i am not talking about what other players consider fair play or not - i am talking about the fact that in the situation i am now, every body will be entitled to think that i am a real cheater, one thing is to push the limits but another is to break the rules - i have always considered to play by the rules but as they are not clearly written it seems this is more of a guess kind of game .

    if you find me an clearly written article about the fact that my strategy is illegal pls share i have been searching and could not find one, either in game rules or in therms of use. for gods sake they allow you to play diff acc and sitt them from the same PC!!!!

  • §2. Sitting and using the same PC

    §2.1 Each account owner can assign one or more sitters, who can play their avatar during the account owner's absence. Sitters must play the assigned avatar according to that avatar's best interest. Misuse of this feature can be punished. Sitters of an avatar can log into the avatar using the login information of their own account.

    Travian Games is not liable for damage done by a sitter and no compensation will be given. The account owner is fully responsible for any actions taken by sitters. If a sitter acts in violation of Travian Games' general terms and conditions, both the account/avatar owner, as well as the sitter may be punished.

    §2.2 Players sharing a PC and wanting to play the avatars of each other, can do so using the sitter function.

  • 11. Obligations of the user

    (1) A user may not have several accounts for one game world simultaneously.

    However, the user is permitted to have one game account in several game

    worlds simultaneously. TRAVIAN GAMES reserves the right to allow several

    game accounts per user for a game or individual game worlds. In this event,

    TRAVIAN GAMES shall indicate this in an appropriate manner to the user.

    Accounts may not be sold, traded, gifted, or otherwise transferred at any

    time under any circumstances unless explicitly authorized by TRAVIAN

    GAMES. A user may not share their account. A user may not disclose their

    password to anyone else.

    (2) The user undertakes to comply with the laws and regulations applicable to

    him when using all the games and websites operated by TRAVIAN GAMES.

    He undertakes to comply with the game rules applicable. Furthermore, he

    undertakes to refrain from the following actions:

    • Dissemination of statements with abusive, harassing or violent content or

    with content glorifying violence or with inflammatory, sexist, obscene, por-

    nographic, racist, morally reprehensible content or with other offensive or

    prohibited content (which includes all names within the game e.g.

    username, name of the avatar, name of the village, town, alliance, guild,

    tribe, clan, vehicle, island, association, etc.).

    • The insulting, harassment, threatening, frightening behavior against, or def-

    amation and embarrassment of other users.

    • Dissemination of statements with advertising, religious or political content

    (which includes all names within the game e.g. username, name of the av-

    atar, name of the village, town, alliance, guild, tribe, clan, vehicle, island,

    association, etc.).

    • The spying, disclosure or dissemination of personal or confidential infor-

    mation of other users, employees of TRAVIAN GAMES or any other disregard

    of the private sphere of other users or employees of TRAVIAN GAMES.

    • Dissemination of untruthful allegations about the race, religion, sex, sexual

    orientation, origin, social status of other users or employees of TRAVIAN

    GAMES (which includes all names within the game e.g. username, name of

    the avatar, name of the village, town, alliance, guild, tribe, clan, vehicle,

    island, association, etc.).

    • The spying out, disclosure or dissemination of confidential information of


    • Dissemination of untruthful allegations about TRAVIAN GAMES (which in-

    cludes all names within the game e.g. username, name of the avatar, name

    of the village, town, alliance, guild, tribe, clan, vehicle, island, association,


    • Pretending to be an employee of TRAVIAN GAMES or an affiliated company

    or partner of TRAVIAN GAMES.

    • Use of legally protected pictures, photos, graphics, videos, music tracks,

    sounds, text, brand names, titles, names, software or other content without

    the consent of the holder(s) of the rights or having permission to do so by

    law or legal provision.

    • Use of prohibited or illegal content.

    • Use of errors in the programming (bugs).

    • Actions leading to an overload of the servers and/or can considerably ad-

    versely affect the game play for other users.

    • Hacking or cracking and the encouragement or incitement to carry out hack-

    ing or cracking.

    • Dissemination of pirated software and the encouragement or incitement to

    disseminate pirated software.

    • Uploading of files containing viruses, Trojan horses, worms or destroyed


    • Use or dissemination of “auto” software programs, “macro” software pro-

    grams or other “cheat utility” software programs.

    • Modification of the game, the websites of the game or parts thereof.

    • Use of software that enables what is referred to as “data mining” or in any

    other manner intercepting or gathering information related to the game.

    • Disruption of transmissions from and to the game servers and the website

    servers of the game.

    • Disruption of transmissions from and to the game servers and the website

    servers of the game.

    (3) The user undertakes to comply with the rules of the game.

    (4) TRAVIAN GAMES only provides a platform for communication between play-

    ers; the user is responsible for the content of such communication. The

    platform is solely provided for communication regarding the game. The

    flooding of the communication platform with messages, chain letters, snow-

    ball systems or any other form of spamming is strictly forbidden.

    (5) Any additional use via additional programs, scripts or other supporting tools

    is expressly prohibited.

    ----and i did abide all above!!! -------

    what else is there?!?!

    where are there any other rules?!?!

  • I'm just saying it's making a bad image in the game as it looks like multiacc (I believe it's not) and not the whole server asked you what's going on to be fair. I'm just saying that I saw a precedent that player in exactly same situation as you are had to delete one of the accounts. If it's not the case here too, then this game is not fair. Next time you make sure you use different names for this strategy ;-)

  • So basicly what u saying i can ask all my friends to create acc make me sitter i feed myself with them and its good " cuz real person created them? "

    Heck, maybe I'll have my wife and 2 year old son make an account for me too! (jk admins, dont ban plz)

  • Honestly there are so many multi accts and cheaters why even worry about them any more, Travian doesn't they just go " wow look at our gold sales. big bonus this month " i mean its only a few hundred players with several accts not like Lizbeth on us1 who had over 100 accts

  • i did not say that a real person just started an acc ...that real person is playing the acc and i was helping, is there a limit in helping? he was supposed to find targets and attack i was supposed to build and manage stuff

    read what i wrote!

    they are played by 2 persons

    and if it is more fair to do this with 2 very different names than to just do it like this sincerely...then i don't know what to say about your moral values

    and the rules say nothing about how to sit ...what is the limit etc