15 Cropper v 9 cropper

  • So i have a 9 cropper as my cap and it is 4 tiles away from my other vils (also close to kingdom). Is it worth it to chief a natar 15 cropper that is 15 tiles away away? The oasis spots for both are as follows: 9 cropper: potential 75% and the 15 cropper natar vil is potential 100%. Keep in mind that the 15 cropper is even further than the 9 cropper to the targeted WW. Thoughts please?

  • first of all i would figure with my kingdom if anyone else is already commiting on going for that natar (or planning to. especially if hes more experienced and/or uses a lot more gold he likely would make better use of it). also not sure if you know or not but be prepared to sink a lot of resources into taking it. its heavily defended (for ealrygame standards at least) and chiefs cost quite a bit aswell, again especially early.

    Basicly no matter if off or def, you will want as much crop (and therefor as many croppers) as possible, offers a bit more urgently as they can not divide the burden of their troops as easily by producing in multiple villages or offering standing def to treasures and whatnot.

    BUT unspent crop is worth less than spent any other resource, so if you are not intending to NPC trade often and/or if you are building only a half-a**ed hammer (without running troop buildings 24/7, without even having great rax/stable, no or only a few siege units) you might aswell donate the croppers (or at least the crop produced, but preferably the croppers) to someone else and/or go def instead.

    Also a little sidenote; even 'only' with all crop fields lvl12 (whats really rather low) this 100% natar would net you ~400ish k crop per day. even with 2 grannaries that would reslut in having to npc at least 2x per day for 5 gold each + ~1,3g/day for travian plus. that means ~1500 gold over 130 days. (- crop consumption by units but + stolen goods chipped in and without cropbonus active...).

    not wanting to discourage you (or anyone for that matter) from taking that, just telling what to expect from this project :)