Population def bonus

  • -How much is the population defense bonus? The one where if you are an atker with higher pop, the defender gets a bonus?

    -Does it count all of your population or just that one atk vil?

    -Is it worth it to keep your off vil lower or is the bonus small enough to build up to city or higher pop ?

  • It compares your account population to his account population, the formula is bit complex but you can easily test the effect with the in game battle simulator, and it's not actually a defense boost but rather it makes the attacked weaker.

    If you are serious about attacking then yes you should keep yourself somewhat on the smaller side. Being smaller than the person you are attacking offers no bonus though so ideal size would be about the same as the type of person you are targeting. That being said if more villages increase your army size then you want more villages. Just try to not build anything too unnecessary and you will be fine.

    Morale bonus doesn't effect wonder attacks so if you are making a WW hammer or plan to own a wonder you don't have to worry about your account size.

  • So stay about the same pop as the defender and if anything what is the ideal range, like say they are 1000 pop, will being anywhere from 200 below or above be fine? (800k or 1200k pop)

  • The formula is continous, there is no sweet spot and nothing like an acceptable range. If you have equal or less population compared to your target, your hammer will be 100% effective. If you have more population, your off will only be (defender population / attacker population)^0.2 times as effective, capped at 66.66% when having roughly 7.6x the defender's population. The whole account's population will be taken into account, so forcefully keeping your hammer village low isn't the best way to go. You usually don't want to ruin your infrastructure, just to keep your population down. More villages means more resources, which implies more off. Having a 50k hammer which is 100% effective because you only have three villages is worse than having a 100k hammer which is only 80% efficient due to 10 villages more. If you then don't build a lot of unneccessary stuff (for instance high barracks/stable/smithy in support villages), you should be fine. Usually smaller players don't really have enough troops for this to really matter anyway, you generally just don't really wanna get walled bashing the kingdom's smallest member or so.

  • The bonus (or rather attacking penalty) only considers the difference in population of the attacking account and the defending village owners account. This makes small players good places to defend since they often have big penalties for attacks while your troops operate at full power no matter where they originate.

  • Wall is still useful and generally speaking wall and ditch have bigger impact on defense result than the population difference outside of extreme cases but why not simply have both?

    You can use the combat simulator to figure out what kind of losses you would take defending a small kingdom mate you know has no or very low wall against an attack for instance, just use the account populations of the attacker and the defense village owner in the correct slots. You can play around the numbers there to see what kind of effect each change has

  • Ditch and pop bonus have the advantage that you cant knock them down with rams. Pop bonus also would apply to all villages meaning you don't have to worry as much about dodging an attack.