Robber Camps Lock Down

  • Robber Camps Lock down after required incoming waves.

    There is this issue which has always been there regarding Robber Camps.

    You see, However friendly any kingdom is there is still some people who won't play by the rules.

    One instance of such is when they attack a camp even though its marked that all waves have been sent, there is no room for anymore.

    If you get caught in this treachery then that means you might lose hours of time which is sad also this makes you question the loyalty of your team.

    A solution to this can be lock down of camps if number of waves matches the number of incoming attacks.

    of course it can be normal again if any attack fails to clear any wave completely.

    Maybe camps can go from Red to green or something like that.

    Please do find a solution to this as this is very annoying. as for me? it makes my blood boil.

  • This is a very common problem Devil and I agree with your suggestion.

    It should be fairly easy change to give a similar message to the one if you try and attack a camp twice yourself to any player after the right amount of attacks are going there.

    Even well meaning friends might do this by accident - especially when using the phone application and unable to see the map markings or incoming on the camp.

    We like to also mention it in our kingdom chat but even in that case the phone application regularly bugs the chats (although this has been improved).

  • yeah, my people came up with that phone issue too.

    that is exactly why the developers need to come up with a solution.

    like they came up with menhir, somewhere along those lines that stops another player from sending a wave

    Now i know its a war game, the early bird gets the worm yes, but this issue? well its causes chaos between team members.

    Its something insuperable on our own, same like the Spiking tactic. tho its really impressive and powerful stuff the spiking, the issue with the camps? not so much.

    Really hope they come up with something.

  • Unfortunately there are alot of simple issues with this game that in my opinion have simple solutions that Travian just doesnt seem to care about fixing.....They think they have to add something huge or bust! All these little issues just aren't worth their time I guess.

  • This is way to common, it dosent matter if you create a chat for tha or try to put order, there's always some one that must have all the loots

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  • Yeah, never really thought of that! lol

    How about setting a minimum amount of troops you need to send as to achieve that lockdown, maybe that could work.

    Like there is minimum requirement for a Siege.

    The Minimum amount can progress same like the number of troops in camps do from start to the end of the game.

    Huge players can send 500+ for like 4-5 camps locking them out yeah, so there maybe be a time limit too. like 45 minutes for normal and 20 Minutes for speed severs or such.

    that means if your army has traveled for 45 minutes only then that wave will be locked for you.

    It could work, what do you guys think?

  • Players that purposefully lock camps will be noticeable and the kingdom can warn/kick them if it is over the top.

    Can't really stop people being greedy in this game, but this change will at least help those that are trying to work together.

  • I do like the idea Devil, but like Philbaaa pointed out, people could abuse that system without extra limitations to it. I don't think a time limit to lock something makes sense, as you can't determine how far away a robber camp might be, and offense players might very well be able to take several camps at once as the first senders with actual amounts needed for the camps. Nothing wrong with that in my book. Possbily a troop amount limit could work, but sometimes especially near the end of a game, people might send lower amounts of offense which they don't mind being wiped out, as they want to use them up and need the stolen goods to crank out def. I did that myself recently at the end of a server. So I'm not sure that is the best solution either.

    However, I fully agree that the incoming waves need to be shown on robber camps on the mobile app. I could say a lot more about the mobile app, but if this one thing in particular would be changed on it, it would make so many people's lives much easier. And, if that is fixed, then the only other excuse that people have for undercutting on robber camps is if multiple people send at the same time on a robber camp. I believe it takes 30 sec (on speed server, maybe more on normal server) for that attack to show up on the camp. I'd suggest having an attack show up immediately on a camp. Fix those two things, and there would be no excuse for undercutting...and then people who do, will be found out, and kingdoms can deal with members not following rules/etiquette. But I've gone through the trouble of asking others on mobile which camps are open, and it is a please fix the mobile app to allow us to see incoming attacks on camps. :)