New style of game round: 2hours attack zones

  • A better idea for com: make 2 hours peace and 2 hours normal and repeat 6 times a day, so that it is balanced for everyone. You have to work even harder for attack planning this way! This was the purpose of night truce right? (if it hasnt changed, you couldnt receive AND send attacks while in the truce)

    Glorfindel suggested to have a special game round liked described above in another thread. I think it's worth discussing this idea here.

    One challenge would be to organize the WW conquering with these 2 hour time slots. Would you be interested in trying to find a way to do so or would you rather adjust the truce timings?

    I am looking forward to read your thoughts about this topic!

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  • I dont like the idea if you CANT send attack either. If it is so i t would make planing a round almost imposible. the idea in my opinion is better if during the truce you can receive attacks but yes send them.

  • Maybe even 6h long peace periods would be enough to balance in our 24h cycle.

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  • Wow, this is the total nightmare for an OFF-coordinator :P ... if I remember correctly you cannot either send or land during the Night Truce.. if there are these 2h peace/2h normal intervalls.. essentially half of the villages on the map will be impossible for you to attack. In short, this is just a nerf to OFF in general as less players can participated in coordinated attacks.

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  • 2h in 2h out would just combine the bad portions of both night truce and non night truce.

    The point of night truce is to allow people to play accounts by themselves without sacrificing sleep and what not by ensuring you can't be attacked during the night. Making it so you can get attacked during the night but only at certain points would entirely defeat that purpose (since if I'm night player I don't have a problem attacking you 2h later or what ever) but at the same time making the system needlessly complex for everyone. The 6h truce at least makes bit more sense as that could be managed by dual account but even then I just don't see the point. At least the original night truce has a clear purpose and a strong point everyone can agree to even if some might not like or play those rounds.

    The original point of having an american time zone or asian time zone night truce round is pretty fine in my books though.

  • Maybe even 6h long peace periods would be enough to balance in our 24h cycle.

    that's almost the same as a normal truce server.

    OT night truce servers are not that fun beacuse of the truce, now having to set timer just to log in raid all you can in two hours and then wait another two.... no tnx :D

  • I think, we are done with brainstorming about this idea. Thank you all for participating and sharing your thoughts. I will close this topic now.

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