Kingdom Contending for COM1n

  • Hello,

    Please let us know if any premades will be joining COM1n server. We are launching an offshoot team of Stars with very small group of players and experimenting a few new ideas. If anyone is interested in playing with us, please contact Starx on Discord : Starx-13#6586

    The plan is to have a core team of just 18 players over 6 accounts and building the new team in the server itself.


  • no we are not giving up on com1, but some of us are going to experiment night truce server, to encourage the Travian Team in keeping the concept

    i for once find this the ideea very good in case you get tired and want to chill out a bit and night truce just gives you the perfect opportunity to do that - you get to play during normal local active hours, and also get a nice sleep

    and LVGD, we are a much smaller team we just used the beginning of server to gather all available free players - i think UNKNOWN are actually a bigger pre made

    i apreciate the way you guys play, but please stop these small harassment on forums as we are not cheaters, nor use some very dodgy tactics, c'mon let's focus on game :)

  • I wanna join COM1n

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