Sad times for X3 players

  • So as it currently stands COM1X3 just finished and the next international X3 date is unreleased yet, I see there are so many specific X3 servers coming like ES, NL etc, which is cool and all for people who speak these languages or like playing in smaller servers, but for us who want to always have an English speaking X3 to play we must always wait for at least 2 weeks before the next one starts, which does not make sense for us who ONLY play X3's. I do understand that people need a break especially the ones who have been playing during the night and so on but having us wait for 2 weeks or more is simply unacceptable X/

  • Well those speed server are special! most of them are the first ones for some languages, if you want to play a speed server so badly give one of those a try! most of the folks in TK speaks english or at least they try to translate it so they can comunicate with you! Also two weeks it's an OK time to wait for a new comx3, just like aleesh said, see that time as vacation from travian :P