Birthday Bash?!?!

  • So if I understand correctly... the "birthday bash" will consist of introducing a handful of local x3 servers and a 1x night truce server?

    I know I don't speak for all players, but I was hoping for something a little more exciting... like a 5x international server.

    Having played Travian for 10+ years, one thing I've learned is that the local servers are much less populated and much less competitive than international servers. Sure it's nice for these players to have the choice of playing with players who speak their own language, and I think it's a good idea to introduce more local servers... but not if it's at the expense of the international servers.

    I'm afraid the birthday bash hype leading up to this news will only serve to discourage the competitive players like myself, who are hoping to see changes and events that bring more players and more competition... not the opposite.

    Personally I have little interest in 1x servers and absolutely zero interest in the night truce concept. Part of the appeal of Travian for me has always been that all players are vulnerable 24/7. This encourages us to collaborate with players in different time zones, which in turn strengthens the community. I'm afraid night truce will only encourage simming and solo play. Secondly, it doesn't make sense to have an international night truce server. How do you fairly determine the hours of the truce when the server is comprised of players from all time zones? This concept makes more sense on local servers.

    I'm still enjoying Travian, but I miss the days when we could play on international servers with over 5000 players. I thought the "birthday bash" would help to take a step in that direction.... but sadly it looks like I was wrong.

  • the travian team is conforming to reality as most of players are actually from europe :(

    i would love to get in touch with players that could i could collaborate to have a 24 hours covered acc but they are rare as gold - you try to find some one from asia and some one from west usa to play with you in the same time and as active as you are so you could actually depend on them

    so for the rest of us that are getting tired or busy in real life, and can't afford to wake up at 3am just to snipe i apreciate the night truce it promotes a healthy life style, but is should not be done at the cost of other active and fun servers, it should be as it is now an experiment or as a retirement server, as other wise some would just not play at all

  • i am in AUStralia so as far as i understand the night protection works on UTC timezone only, not the players actual timezone. So for me, i cannot attack players during most of my active time, yet i have no night protection in reality since when i am asleep everyone can attack me.

    If this is how it is implemented, makes little sense. Of course its not worth me continuing as i am at a severe disadvantage.

  • Yes, night truce worlds internationally are ... useless. TG actually saw this problem and decided to not make any NT worlds on COM, but for whatever reason, they now changed their mind. Maybe see it as night truce world for people in that timezone only. xD

  • Helloy Trader56#EN

    thank you for sharing your experience on the night truce round.

    yes, the night truce timing is the same for every player on a game world. To find out, which timezone we should use for this first international night truce, we had a discussion with the players in the embassy: Embassy - COM1n

    Maybe you can find there some teammates that will join you as sitter or dual? Or you could search for a team for com4 that will start in one week: Embassy - COM4

    kind regards,


  • there was some thread about multiple nightruces and the main counter argument against them was that not enough time for attacks to reach other side of the map....faster pace server would help with that

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