Losing more players

  • Having 3 or more pop-up ads after every click is enough reason for people to quit the game. Even when I want to send an attack 2 or more ads appear and sometimes I can't even attack after having to repeat the whole process. I played many browser games and this kind of ads are one of the main reasons people give up, since it's already a pay to win game and this gets annoying really fast.

  • ads? i have never seen ads pop-ing up on TK, you may want to check your pc for adware and that kind of stuff, since i'm 100% sure that there's no adds in game

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    Hi there Ensa#EN

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    What you're experiencing must be indeed frustrating, however I can assure you that those ads are not placed by us. Normally you won't see any ads while playing Travian Kingdoms.

    Please try what your fellow players recommended and scan your device for malicious software.

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    Travian Kingdoms International

  • Daisuki is not even active any more according to wiki, so what you are showing us is a clear action made by a virus or some malicious program

    I have never seen a comercial in my life as you show me, and it is not they way travian would put comercials, in travian legends there were a few, but in the lobby, or somewhere outside of your play canvas ....no interruptions ever!!!

    pls install an antivirus program, the big comercial names are ok, kaspersky, northon, bit defender, etc

    if you have no buget i recommend you to try avast free - that is what i use for a couple of years and i never had a problem