• Do you remember the old system to heroes?

    When you need to train a troop, then go to hero mansion, then retrain that troop to become a hero? He start with double atributes from your earlier version but can become more powerful with experience.

    How about create this , aside a hero system?

    My suggest:

    The champion will not gain Xp like heroes. but they have health like heroes and can die.

    Their level will be determined from barracks/stable or blacksmith ( max lv20)

    Only one champion can be used at time.

    Same crop cost of hero

    no off/def bonus

    predefined health recovery/day

    no item usage ( or get a specific consumable )

    hero weapons will give double bonus to their atk/def

  • To be honest I don't really like this idea because I think a 'secondary Hero' simply isn't needed...

    If Heroes dying had more serious consequences (losing experience upon death, longer revive times or special requirements for reviving them) then it would maybe make sense to have a temporary replacement until your Hero is back to full strength... But that would just make things unnecessarily complicated ^^

  • Would be a neat touch to make possible training certain maximum amount of these ranked troops depending on academy level..this way academy wouldn´t lose its purpose other than cp generation after all troops are trained there.

    Before being able to promote normal troops to champions, maybe they would need to have some smithy upgrades made on the troop type as well.

    Would add some depth to the game if these champions would have some extra abilities like being able to target certain troop if you have for example upranked EI attacking together with the main army, then those champions would be smart enough to not run into spears, but first inflict some extra damage to paladins in particular and then the rest of the army follows up with overall averaged out damage on whats left of the kinda like your army had some certain formation that made a difference in the battle.

  • Village can create Champion only first 2 units.
    City can create scout Champion.
    Capital can create any of the units a Champion.

    Every village/city/capital can have only 1 Champion at the time. When Champion dies, it can not be ressurected. It can be trained from start.

    Champions can Duel enemy player Village/City/Capital.
    Send Normal Attack 1 Champion on opponent field. Who has stronger Champion, wins Duel and gets some XP. Opponent Champion does not die in process and it does not have to be present in village/city/capital it is to be Dueled.

  • "hero weapons will give double bonus to their atk/def"; "How about create this , aside a hero system?"

    Lol hero weapons for champions? Idk, I don't like your idea unless champions are something more than just a unit.

    Only thing that might sound interesting if you could make divisions in travian that is led by a champions.And every kill the division gets (let's say division size is max 1000 units * speed) it can get additional off/def bonus up to max 25% (Like in the game total war: rome 2), side effect is of divisions they lock up the units, which you can only unlock through dissolving. Furthermore divisions lose troops as normally through % and will have to be refilled and the average experience between the % old units and % new units will decide the new division rank, and can only consist of one unit type (so you can't abuse it by making a small devision squad ranking it up to the max and fill it up to the max).

    And if that isn't enough, you could make generals that can only consist of division. They give bonuses like up to 10% fasterwalking / 10% defense bonus / 10% attack bonus , requirement of a general is that you've to assign at minimum 5 divisions before you can add a general to it, side effect is that you'll always need a minimum of 5 divisions so you pretty much lockup 5 divisions, only way to unlock it is to dissolve the army, and you'll have to assign a new general for your new army, meaning you can't reuse your old general.

  • Cool, we all like new content

    but I think there is no use for this, having only one powerful unit (or one per village) without any special ability is just like you don't have it

    even the main hero after you got a good amount of troops, his/her "Fighting strength" doesn't matter much.

    there should a logical/interesting way that you could train/find more of these champs or some special ability