Anti-spiking mechanics

  • COM6 is suffering one of the worst spikings I have seen so far.

    Though I personally have suffered not that badly I still think this needs to be dealt with asap.
    The culprit is a player still in newbie protection.
    He has killed almost 1k worth of troops so far.

    This is a broken mechanic and needs to be fixed asap. This is griefing to the max.

    Spiking, though part of the game, has been a condemned mechanic for as long as I can remember.
    Why is it that we still don't have a fix for this?
    The ability to reinforce while in newby protection only furthers enables this kind of griefing.

    I support the concept of reinforcing while still in newby protection, but spiking should have been prevented a long time ago.
    Simply make it impossible to reinforce inactives and the problem is solved.

  • i'll start by saying...

    "Everything is fair in love and WAR"

    From the 39 catastrophe and the Ghost Squad to petty scheming, every single thing counts in your victory.

    Imagine a kingdom full of robbers, they hit #1 on robbers every week + they got real good defenses.

    how in the world are you gonna stop em? well there could be thousands of ways. some prefer spiking.

    Now think of a kingdom who got lucky at the start, tons of people in there living happily, killing hideouts and camps, throwing parties, doing whatever noobs do. all you gotta do is to spike their farms and they are dunzo!

    Its insane how simple this tactic is and if used correctly can bring a kingdom down to its knees.

    i can't share whole strategy about it, its confidential. lol

    Hint : Think about forcing governors to rely on field production because farms are unsafe. a new team wouldn't even know what to do and by the time they do, their treasuries will be wiped out clean.

    If this tactic goes away then you'll see the robbers domination, armies twice the normal size and there won't be any way you could stop em without heavy losses.

  • this is so funny, yes spiking is so annoying but to say that it is killing the game is an exaggeration, the ones with most loses will be the ones that are using some kind of automated system for farming, because if you are actually active and have your hero free you can kill the annoying dudes hero 50% of cases - specially if it is near :)