Map expansion

  • What factors determine when the map on a new server will expand?

    Is it determined by the number of accounts? If so, what is the threshold?

    Does it always happen at 00:00 server time?

    Any insights would be appreciated.

  • My knowledge about this is very vague, but probably better than nothing: It expands if a newly registered account can't be placed on the map anymore. This is the case, if no valid starter fields are left; starter fields are 4-4-4-6 tiles with some extra properties, that I don't know. For players, who start as a king, there also have to be valid starter fields nearby, I think. But I won't put my hand into fire for that knowledge. ^^

  • Does it always happen at 00:00 server time?

    All i can tell you for sure is that it does not happen at any set time, but when the space runs out. On the current com2 the first map expansion came at like 2700-ish registered players and next one came on 4300-ish registered players. But like Be2-e4 pointed out there's more factors than just registrants, just threw the numbers out there for some kind of milestones to look at :P

  • If there is too few accounts on a server then the map does not expand at all, but this doesn't mean that the calculation for when to expand vs when not to is based on how many accounts there are, it could be decided by some other factor as well. My best guess for what it could be other than the number of accounts would be the distance from the furthest away newly created account to (0|0) which is basically the same as the number of accounts but it can vary a bit from server to server based on spawning space. I've never seen new accounts spawning right up to the wall before, there's usually a bit of space left for expanding outwards, but not really any more than 10 tiles as the map starts expanding. This could be tested assuming that kings will spawn with atleast a certain distance between eachother if we have 100-200 players all starting the server as kings we should be able to force the map to expand out much quicker than normal if this idea is true xD

    - Hæim