Gold Purchase Problem

  • Hello everyone,

    I would like to talk about the gold purchase problem that has been going on for 75 days for the Turkish community.We can't use credit cards, wire transfers and ininal cards to get gold for 75 days.In Turkish servers,we can only purchase gold by phone and coupons.In COM servers,we can only purchase gold by phone.Almost 75 days have passed since we reported this problem to the authorities but there is still no progress.It is a fact known to everyone that the game is P2W,but our freedom to buy gold is restricted.We can't compete with our rivals under equal conditions in the game worlds where competition is as high as COM.We are very upset with the fact that TG is not interested in this problem when we suffer a lot.We ask you to provide us with information and solve this problem.We know that we need to write this kind of problems from the help center, but since we didn't get the return we wanted.We wanted to share our problem with the Travian community.

    For UNKNOWN and all Turkish players.

  • Is this an ongoing problem with no remedy in sight?

    While I sympathize, gold does not necessarily make a good player. I have known plenty of players who were excellent players who did not use gold, but i guess i can understand when just about your whole Kingdom is having the same issues. I personally could not play this game without gold.

    Unfortunately i cant think of any ways to help other than finding duals from other countries that can buy gold for the acct. Other than that.....all i can do is respond here in support.

  • Some problems are probably not that easily solveable as you might think. I don't know specifics on why it is so hard to buy gold, but what I do know is, that TG is a profit oriented company after all. So, one might think about why this option doesn't exist, and then think about how one might bypass the problem. Writing "this sucks" (in an extended form) alone won't change anything.

    Some people believe, that tagging admins and creating pointless polls will help bruteforcing their opinion. I'm not a believer of this theory, but well, trying won't hurt, will it?

  • Hello LovëGood

    I understand not being able to buy Gold using your preferred payment method can be frustrating.

    Unfortunately however whether a payment option is available or not doesn't always depend on our willingness to implement it. In some cases there are technical difficulties, in others it just doesn't work with the particular provider. I can assure you that our team is working hard to make as many convenient payment options available for you but unfortunately we don't have any developments regarding that one.

    As always, you should be able to purchase Gold using credit card/paypal account without any issues.
    Please find the announcement and more details on the Turkish part of our forums: Duyurular ve Haberler

    Best regards

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International