Trade Office same for each Tribe

  • OK I think this is very unfair.

    For example, I play as Teuton. My traders are slowest. Can't wait to build Trade Office level 10 so I can have 2k ress per merchant. Even that I do not find enough but what you gonna doo...

    Then I go play Roman or Gaul and LOOK SURPRISE. Even if their merchant are 2x faster (gaul) they get each carry capacity with each Trade Office.
    Which each level you can haul 100 ress more. So Teuton lvl 10 trade office can haul 2000 but roman can haul....check this out: 1500. Gaul can onlvl 10 trade office haul 2250, And it is super fast.

    And trade office resource cost is same for each Tribe.
    This is very very unfair and I have just seen this.

    Roman and Gaul traders are overpowerd lookin at Teuton. On lvl 20 Teuton can carry 3k ress, Roman 2500 and Gaul 2750.




    I see math differtnt then most people. And when I see that Teut merchant is actually worst and most expensive on level 20 trade office...

    I suggest that each level gives 10 percent more (100 for teuton, 50 for Roman and 75 for Gaul). Regarding speed, that would be more then fair!

  • I see math differtnt then most people.

    Should be hint enough for you. Maybe ... just MAYBE you should inform yourself before complaining. Trade office DOES give %-boni. 10% per level for teutons and gauls, 20% per level for romans.

    If you still think it's soooo unfair, just play another tribe. But you don't. Why? Because teutons have other benefits. Best off in the game, good def in spearmen. It's not unfair. Every tribe has its advantages and disadvantages. Capacity and speed is sufficient for every side village and side town, you will only have a bottleneck when sending out of capital or out of treasury. You can play around this by either settling a village next to the source village, then send from source to this village and then from both to the target, almost doubling your carry capacity. Or, you raid yourself with troops.

  • ill give some comparison here.

    yes in continuous shipping gaul is the best, downside is taking full advantage of gaulish speed can be hard if you cant afford to have travian plus for trade routes or be highly active.

    if you just want to ship something one time and be done with it, teuton is convenient for that.

    yes roman catches up to and passes teuton a little bit in the end, but before the long expensive process of getting a trade post you will have to make do with just a marketplace to move resources around.

    with just market place, gaul is still king for the active player, teuton while cant ship as fast could usualy ship enough for any one instance, leaving romans to have the hardest time moving resources around before the tradepost.

  • You can not tell that Teuton trader is better then any other tribe trader cause, dont know have you read, but on lvl 20 tradehouse there is no difference in trader carry. Allt traders are equal. So ye... as far as math goes, Teutons are here stuck.