Offering myself as Sitter or Dual on any game world

  • which game world are you playing now?

    can you tell me detail about your self.

    for example...... your experiment, playing style, achievement, how much activity......etc

    we can talk in discord, or other apps if you like.

  • I am Ivan, from Zagreb, Croatia, EU. 30 years old. Unemployed permanently so I have time to play games.

    My facebook:

    Have started to play Travian games since 2009, first on Travian Version 2.5
    Did not played consequently ten years straight, but I have played every version.

    My type of gameplay is active, aggressive old school Teuton style. I utilise everything... every resource counts and I never get overflow in warehouse/granary because I am alergic so sometimes I woke in middle of the night just to click some Travian.

    I do not gold since I am unemployed so that is not option for me.

    Currently playing Com5 and Com3.
    You can check my stats there (Faust Paladin).

    Com5 I have been playing on 1ghz computer with 1gb ram. Without any gold. During middle of the game, my King payed me 100 gold with what I activated Travian Plus for rest of the world, costed me 100 gold. Then I invited some friends and earned 100 gold more then I bought Plus Crop after middle of the game. Here are my stats:

    If I had some GOLD in start it would be far different but that does not matter, only proves that Travian Kingdoms is not just game for people who have money to pay it, but for everyone who knows and has time to play.

    My specialty is managing Kingdoms/Alliances, Diplomacy and offensive actions.
    Plus on that, I can freely say I am Master Trader (Marketplace)

    Any other questions, feel free to ask or shoot me a message. I do not use outside communication programs other then Travian and Facebook but can install since I play now on 2ghz computer with 2gb rams and 23 inch screen.

    Thank you in advance!