• Where are the medals for veterans/past servers et cetera? Why do you guys split the community between legends and kingdoms, instead of making a bridge for Travian legends players to cross vice versa?

    I'm talking about these kind of medals, that gives information of your past servers.


  • I suppose because T5 kingdoms edition has nothing to do with T4 Legends or T3 classic etc.. kingdoms is almost 99% a new game ;)

    But that wasn't my point, but being able to see your achievements in your past TK servers. I simply showed in my picture how it should look like, what information it should hold.

    Although your statement that T5 kingdoms has nothing to do with T4 and T3 is you very ignorant (after all people are even suggesting to add huns, egyptians from T4 into TK). Kingdoms has almost 99% of T4 and T3 but with new added features and new rules ;), travian kingdoms is just basically a different game mode.