Bann for King/Duke going inactive

  • How many times you played a world and you KIng or Duke went inactive so you or your Kingdom lost tresaure, victory points and so on...
    So I suggest that, like in other games such as LoL, player gets punished for going inactive.

    I dont suggest punishing regular players (governors) but only Dukes and Kings because people invest their time and money in game but they have little or no control over Kingdom they are in so if King or Duke/s go inactive, governors are "left for dead".

    I suggest that who ever goes inactive gets banned, temporarly. Or gets baned to register on certain Worlds.

  • Yeah, discouraging players from playing, great idea, marketing pro on tour. Just chose your dukes and kings more wisely, or in case you're a governor, your kingdom.

    Also, in LoL you don't get punished for becoming inactive, you just lose points for the ranked ladder, if you belong to the top 4-5% rankings. And this is after 28 days and only once a week. The really bad elo decay is only relevant to the top 0.1% to 0.15% rankings. And this is not a punishment, but such that you can't go afk and sit on your rank... which is something you can't do in travian anyway.

  • I have said it before....Kingdom Unions is terribly broken.....there is no way to dissolve a Kingdom Union.....yet a king or vice king can go inactive....or worse....DELETE WITH TREASURES?!?!

    Travian has to put safe guards in place to prevent that....PLUS give us a way to dissolve a kingdom union....even if its a criteria laden where certain criteria must be met before a kingdom can be dissolved.

    .....but since its been like this for over a year.....i wouldnt hold your breath

  • It's intentionally undissolveable. Select your partner wisely, it is meant to be a meaningful and impactful decision. King/vice king shouldn't be able to delete at all, I assume, this is a bug (yes, I know, it's possible under certain circumstances).

  • This is similar to a situation involving an car accident where they accuse the victim. Sometimes it's not the victim's fault, but it's just easier that way. In this case, you are blaming the victims who usually are newer players, or those coming to play alone, who have no friends in game, those who don't come in pre-made metas, those coming to try and learn the game or looking for some single player fun. Do we want to encourage them to come? If so, the game should be less punitive with things that are outside of player control, especially for new players.

    In any situation where there's a rule and consequence for one side (as governor you should pick carefully; if not - then), there should be a symmetrical rule and consequence for the other side (as king you should be active; if not - then)

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  • No one cares about inactive newbie King with little or no more.
    Problem here is in large kingdoms and after mid-game.

    If you played com4 that finished today, you would notice that SKY Kingdom who was first is now third and "loser side" with really bad stats, because they lost their statistics due to their ViceKing going inactive 3 weeks before end-game.

    So, you are not very familiar with the game. Have you ever had any inactive King/Vice king after mid-game?
    OK dont want to turn this into fight of words. I am too harsh.

    Or not?

    Tell your story to players who invested 4-6 months of their life, money and so on to loose due to inactive ViceKing who held over 20k treasure. Ok?
    Sorry, but its very frustrating and emotional.

  • You shouldn't pick a king that you can't trust

    So im expected to get a life's resume from people before playing to see if they are trustworthy enough to be king?!?! You also cant predict the randomness of real life......sometimes things may pop up in life that would prevent them from playing.....having ingame safeguards in place help to alleviate these issues!