• Hello to everyone.

    If you plan to play Night Com1 that is starting tommorow and you are looking for King who will be active for whole game, register NORTH and join Night Unit.

    I will play as Teuton King, already have team and members but always looking for quantity and quality!

    I am Ivan, 30 y/o, Zagreb (Croatia, EU) unemployed so I have time to play Travian Kingdoms very actively. I try to be fair, not let emotions get over me, I do not have problems with my ego. I don't think i'm best player or person in Universe. My opionon is that we are strong as whole team is and team play is far important then personal interest. Except if someone is aiming for first pop or first att/deffer, we encourage that and help by PUSHes for Your benefit!

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

    Our conditions to join are:
    1. Be registered and active on GeterTools (update stats at least once a week)
    2. Do not use Multi Accounts (play with only 1 account, not more, one world.

    You can play on other worlds but we do not support playing with 2 or more accounts on one world by 1 player).
    3. Active and team play.
    4. Fair play and polite manners (we do not support Spies and we do not support bad language or

    misstreat to other members or players of Travian)

    5. Most important: Have fun and enjoy Travian Kingdoms

    I wellcome you all to the Night Unit. Register NORTHside!!

    Discord server: https://discord.gg/qkPwKq3

  • We are currenlty holding 2nd to 3rd position overall (VP, atk, deff).
    If you are interested in playing active and aggressive Travian Kingdoms, it is still not too late to join!

    We are currenlty in offical war with AMIGOS meta, having fun.

    I will try to post new updates/info here regularly.