Is it worth to speed settle ?

  • Hi guys, i have a question if you can help me with. Is it worth to speed settle with mehnir istead of normal settle? How will you be able to upgrade your villages after, from robber hideouts? Forgot to mention that i am an amateur player and im not a heavy gold user.


  • For fresh players, there is not a whole lot to gain from speed settling.

    Essentially, when you speed settle you sacrifice your early economy to grab the strongest late game 15C capitals.

    If you are experienced and use a lot of gold, you can make back most of the cons of this as the good 15C capitals can be developed faster than regular villages.

    However, i would argue that most new players will have a lot better time settling a 9C or menhiring a 7C village as they lack the experience and/or gold to make the most out of a 15C village.