Help me!Offensive roman guide

  • Hey guys, Com4 starts soon and i need some help with romans. Im an amateur player, i use some gold from time to time but not much. I would like to know how to play as an off roman . What do you focus early on(legios for robbers and go straight to EI, or build imperials for robbers and farm with EI). To be honest i dont see the point of farming with imperials they are slow and by the time you get to your target some else raided them already and you get nothing. For your second village i think i should take a 9c just because im not a heavy gold user. If you can guys give me some info or tips on how to play would be great tx.!!:thumbsup:

  • I'm not an expert. My advice is to build legos early on for robbers and basic defense. Get your second village. Start building EIs and raiding as much as you can. Keep building those while also building out your villages and focusing on getting next village. The game has an exponential nature. So the raiding, troops, and culture points that you earn earlier pay exponential dividends later on. Make sure you have a kingdom where people are helping with defense if you decide to focus on offense.

    I wouldn't worry about imps until you start building a hammer. Legos do a good enough job defending+taking care of robbers and EIs are great at raiding if you choose to do that.

    Your choice of second village really depends on your activity and goals.

  • -Set legos in each village on raid farm list using Travian plus, 1 lego on each inactive, each lego pays after 5 days then makes pure profit if you continue to raid inactive
    -Set 5x more then average world Roman Imperatoris for fast raids on scouted targets (100 scouts in early game week 2-4, then 500 scouts 1month-2month) scouted targets raid with hero and imperatoris, hunt for treasure
    -After 2nd month of the game there are so many farming targets of semi active players so make as much army as you can, what ever can carry ressource

  • Thanks guys i will try it :thumbsup:. So besically legios are the go to early on. But if raid with 1 legio wouldnt he die to the wall?

  • If you want to play roman offense I recommend

    1) build legionaries till you have about 1k and use them to clear robbers + they are your cheapest unit for your troop building quests

    2) add EI as soon as you can afford and raid greys with them if you are active

    3) As soon as your infantry is about 1k switch to imperians and keep building those till the end

    4) catapults are your friends try to get about 400 of them if you want to play as general attacker or as many as you can (5000+) if you want to hit WW at the end

    Then it's all about building yourself a good capital to support a large army and of course lots and lots of side villages with that roman double build bonus.

    Some additional things to do:

    - Don't build EC, lot of people see the high attack but it's much better to use the EI for their greater cost effectiveness and better raiding capacity

    - Don't build legionaries outside of the first bit, you can either use them to defend or station your oasis using them, they won't be needing levels

    - Speaking of levels level up your troops including your catapults as you go

    - Rams aren't needed outside of handful (you need one to siege robbers for instance), just make imperians, EI and catapults you will pair up with teuton rammers most of the time, if your kingdom has no teuton rammers then that's a different problem you can't really solve by doing rams, rams also won't need levels if you only have like 10

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  • 1)There no magical guide that will teach you have to play.You just have to play the game, cuz u always learn from mistakes. Adept to the play style which fits you the best.

    2)Of course you can fallow a guide which tells you to build X troops and farm grey, but it won't change the fact that you don;t understand the game mechanics.

    3. i made a acc. on com2n to see what is the situation on 11th may and there where not a lot gray villages and probably the same amount people in every world, who are going for the same plan to farm grey villages. 1 year back there where far more inactive players. I kinda blame Mehiner for that . But the good players adept to it

    4. Ofc. gj travian kingdom team for that, a lot more active players. tho benefit is that there are more good farms in mid game :D :D :D :D

    5. tho i don't like the big zerg meta. Well most of them are bad anyway. (50% very bad players, 30% bad players, 10% mediocre players, 5% ok players and 3% kinda good players and 2 actually that are good) Well actuality that is the whole travian player base .xd

    6) The good players woun;t share info how to become good. Cuz they like to abuse bad players

    See you on com4 it will be a fun round

  • Although, troops size matters if we're talking about hitting WW, but there is also something called "noobs with a big hammer", there are players who manage to get x amount of troops, but don't know how to properly use them and let them die like a noob. There are certainly some ways to figure out beforehand about how to fake (start using gettertools attack planner/ or excel), have x amount of rams.

    But most of the experience you will get by chiefing/attacking against "good" players, you will learn when and how you underestimated someone and learn to fine tune. Although I consider Travian Kingdoms a bit favouring defenders too much, with their attack alerts (need more fakes), ditch, spy glass (higher fake cost) et cetera. Meanwhile 0 bonus for the attacker basically, because you can't fake with siege or you will need to throw away tons of troops.