TRY Price Adjustments

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    Dear Turkish players,

    As already announced in the Turkish forum thread Fiyat Değişiklikleri we will adjust the Turkish Lira and Turkish Euro prices Wednesday, June 5th, at 2:00 pm CEST (UTC+2).

    Due to the development of the TRY in the recent years, we have been obliged to revise the Turkish shop pricing.

    What does this mean exactly?

    We will adjust the amount of Gold in the TRY packages to align them with the other offers in other domains. We need to do this to make the Lobby Gold Transfer fair for everyone. At the same time, we will lower the € price packages for the Turkish shop.

    Euro price adjustments:


    TRY Gold adjustments:


    Lobby Gold Transfer

    As you know, you are currently able to transfer bought Gold to all other domains. We allow that for all domains with the same or higher Gold prices. With the upcoming Gold package adjustments, the Turkish Gold packages for TRY and € will fall under the reduced Gold rate, though. You will only be able to transfer your Gold to TR game rounds. All other domains are having a higher Gold rate and you won’t be able to transfer your Gold there, only the other way around.

    The good news is: with this decision, we will be able to lower the € prices, too.

    Local payment methods

    For now, it doesn’t look like we can re-open the other local payment methods like ininal, but that is still not finally evaluated yet. The main reason is a recently changed Turkish tax laws we need to adjust to. We are working on enabling other payment methods. What we already did, is: enabling credit card payments for the TRY Gold packages.

    We understand, that this is not the solution you wished for. Our intention was to make the best out of the current TRY development as well as being fair for everyone.

    Bought voucher codes are still valid and their prices will adjust accordingly to the in-game shop prices. Now is the best time to make a bargain with them.

    Kind regards

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International