Exact robber mechanics

  • Could someone tell me or direct me to any information on exactly how robbers are calculated?

    Size of army (def value and xp)

    Resources given

    Treasures given

    Treasure value

    I have heard there are some relations to population and army size - more detail would be helpful.

  • The exact formulas/algorithmus are kept secret by TG.

    • Size of army:
      • FIGHTING STRENGTH depends on your account production and offensive fighting strength of ALL units (including defensive units).
      • After determining the strength, random units will spawn such that the strength is fulfilled. If you're lucky, you get clubswingers and scouts in your hideout, resulting in more troops (because each has less strength) and therefore more xp.
    • Resources given: Depends on your account production, but it's also a little randomized.
    • Stolen goods given: ???
    • Stolen goods' value:
      • Wood, Clay and Iron: Depends on account production of rank 1 player population and your account age compared to world age (factor formula: min(account age * 2, world age) / world age); distribution of resources depends on on random factors, defined on your registration and constant afterwards.
      • Crop: Depends solely on the amount of active treasures in your kingdom. 1 crop per treasure for <= 4000 treasures, unknown non-linear relationship afterwards

    In addition to not knowing exact formulas, I also don't know whether those dependencies are complete, meaning, I don't know whether that's all. To make things worse, when I got the information about stolen goods' value, they planned changing it, because vacation mode of #1 player affected the whole server like that.

  • Thanks for that, we should be able to get a rough indication of the effect of army size by before and after hammers are lost. For population you would need to use cheifing or patience.