How important is your second village?

  • Hi guys, i was wondering how important is your second village. Do you always pick a cropper as your second village or you take a standard village . Also do you guys usually settle closer to your village or further away?


  • It ... depends. If you're active and willing to spend some gold to use its full potential, you should go for a strong 15c or 9c, first one strongly recommended. By strong I mean high crop oasis boni. Then you'll make it your capital.

    Reasoning is simple: Maximize its production.

    1) Crop has two resource boosters, other resource types only one (gain mill + bakery)

    2) You can't have that many resource fields from one type for other resources, which means, that crop oasis can affect the most resource fields

    But, you have to (literally) buy this advantage: Your 15c capital will produce almost only crop, forcing you to use npc trader to actually use the resources. If you try to save some gold you will still have to use npc 2-3x per day when having high production. It's not that expensive, but you have to be willing to commit.

    Otherwise, if you don't want to buy (much) gold, you probably are better off with a 7c or 9c as a capital (= 2nd village).

  • Not is hard for c15 if play king or duke (Strong kingdom and big villages for tributs)

    I like to send def to Robber Camp:saint:

    WHY Startup farm list   have only 10 target? (no kingdoms with 10 treasures ):(

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