FarmList Guide

  • Hello folks.

    In this thread I will explain in short, how to properly use TravianPlus Farm List.
    If you are using Travian Plus, it is illogical not to use FarmList. I know it looks hard and confusing, but when you get it, you won't be sorry!
    And if you are an offensive player, this guide is a MustRead for you!

    So, after begginer protection ends, there are still no inactives around. You have to wait a little bit more, day or two for players to become inactive.
    And then you go hunting!

    First rule of any proper raid is to gain more ress then you lost ress in army cost, so having that in mind, we will only target inactive villages under 100 population for first week or two, to cut down our losses because every single unit soldier counts, specially in start of the game!

    To use unit a farm unit, it needs to have 40 or more atk points. So club, lego, druid rider the best options if you ask me.
    First, you gona open your Rally Point. In there you will find a card "Farm List". Go there and click "Create new farm list" Give it a name. I use numbers, but I suggest for start that you use words like "clubs" or "short farm list" "Big farm list" and similiar, depending where you use your farm list.

    So, lets give Farm list a name "Farm 1". After you created your first farm list, you need to add villages to it. Best way is over map so go to Map and find inactives villages under 100 population. Add them to your "Farm List 1". When you added enough villages to your farm list (I suggest you add all 100), you can go back to your Rally Point -> Farm list ->Farm List 1

    There you mark "farm list 1" and in unit count, place 1 soldier (1 club or 1 lego or 1 druid raider).
    Activate farm list, SEND.

    After Farm List 1 completes in few hours, check your farm list, remove all farms that give you casuilty (your soldier dies) and add other villages.

    While you are waiting for Farm List 1 to be completed, you can create Farm List 2 and mark new villages on map (+100)

    Each farm list can hold up to 100 targeted villages, so if you want a Medal, you need to create at least 3 farm list and send your soldiers as often as you can, even if they take only 4 ress per raid. Hey ! 4 is still better then 0 if your army stays at home doing nothing other then eating your crop!!

    This is fastest and most risky way to set up your farm list. Ifyou have time, use scouts before you add village to your farm list.

    After inactives with 200 and more population show up, you will need scouts to see what level Residence Palace and or Wall is at targeted village.
    After few weeks, you can develop 10 catapults and destroy those Residences so you can farm them with only 1 soldier per raid. Also, you can always check in combat simulator how many soldiers you need to send for them not to die or at least have positive profit.

    Many players use 2 soldiers per raid, I do not suggest that, that is waste of resource. Except if you are have good farms that give you more ress then 1 soldier can carry.

    Do not use Spearmans, Phalanx and Pretorians in raids 1 by 1 because they have little attack and will surely die without profit.

    For Night worlds its a bit different.
    In the morning, You have to set up exactly enough soldiers to pick up all resource that gathered throug the night durign truce time and after that first morning raid, you use again raid lists with 1 soldier.

    By using this kind of farming, you can have endless number of troops because no matter how many army you have if you send them 1 by 1 on inactives, they will feed themselves.

    I hope this Guide will help new players. If anyone has anything to add, please do so. Questions are also always wellcome!!