Spiking rework/rebalance

  • After reading all this... Well I guess until a proper substitute to replace spiking as a way of balancing inactive farming is thought of, spiking will continue to stay. Otherwise it really is just free resources without much skill, it just takes an incredible time investment to update the list and send constantly. The problem is that while farmers spend all this time to gain considerable resources, spikers just have to reinforce any inactive village they please as it's sure to have raids sent on it.

    The farmers don't know what's being spiked, the spikers know everything is being farmed. The spiker has the information advantage. Coupled with the usually very high morale malus of these inactives and you get a farming mechanic that is very highly in favour of the spiker. So high in fact it can be called broken. The only reason why it's stayed so long with little done about it is that very few players actually spike or understand how much of an advantage they have if they do spike.

    I was always not so much of a fan of the current farming meta how the person who sends the most waves to the most villages is most likely to get top raider. However, I guess that's because I never wanted to take all that time to even begin competing with them so I accept that's on me and I wish for those players to continue getting rewards for investing such time on farming.

    For now to balance it, I'm almost fully leaning in favour of getting rid of morale malus for inactives, like robber camps, hideouts and oases. Another solution could be to make inactives become overrun by nature, just like abandoned villages in real life, and as time passes more nature troops come in. I guess you could base the rate at which nature troops spawn by the production of the village and cap the troop count by its storage capacity. It'll be very similar to oases in this sense except they'll be more profitable.

    This could change the farming meta positively from who is online the most to keep sending their farm lists, to people only sending raids to a select few inactives as they'd need more troops to clear the nature defending it with minimal losses. Although this could make farm lists obsolete, people who are online the most are still rewarded as they can send more raids. Focus will become to farm inactives closest to you before moving on. People can still reinforce inactives just like before, however instead of spiking it'll be seen as defending their farms. To balance this ability to reinforce, it could be made so that as soon as reinforcements arrive nature troops start to despawn instead.