Hero data in Api

  • No, it's not possible.

    And well ... I made some api proposals a few years ago, they said then, that they will work on extending the api ... but never did yet. So I doubt, that this will be implemented soon, if at all. :D

  • I'm not buying the It's not possible part, it's waaaaay possible. This whole game is a SPA application, which communicates with the server via an API. It's all implemented already. The only question is if they will add this part to the public API.

    So what's the official take on this. You guys are obviously reading this since you have time to delete comments :D

  • Your question is, whether it's possible. The answer is, no it is not, because it is not part of the public api. Period. Twisting my words doesn't help you at all, especially because I'm sure you know 100% what I mean.

    Also, I answered the question whether it will be added to public api: Not in near future, I made some public api proposals a few YEARS ago, to which they said, they will extend the public api, but not in near time, because low prio. Surprise, still no extentions to the api.