Carebears recruiting

  • Hello!

    i am Tyransh on com5.

    We are a solid small group who are all extremely experienced, but a bit out of touch with the players we used to play with.

    We have all played in high end alliances, and won several servers, although it is years ago.

    We are looking for ACTIVE players, to join our rag tag of winners, to play in kingdoms com5.

    We don't care about you experience, just that your active, and preferably that you are willing to use a bit of gold to get ahead.

    We'll teach you the game and what to do if you don't know.

    requirements for joining us:


    Online several times a day

    Having discord

    Able to communicate in english

    Willing to follow the plan we set (you are more than welcome to give input, which will of course be considered)

    Talk to you soon!

    - Tyra 8)

  • what does age restriction 18+ have to do with travian lol :D ? are you planning to post some "adult" content in your discord? So if i'm 17 - im not allowed to join you and have to wait till next year?

  • @ismokeweed. Well your attitude, the way you write kind of explains it. i can't be bothered discussing or babysitting teenagers. now som 16 year olds might be mature and some 20 year olds might be immature.

    but mostly +18 ppl are responsible and mature. so that is what we're aiming for. has nothing to do with the game, simply don't feel like i can count on a 16 year old.

    @hunterpwner message me in game. Tyransh