Academy level 10 for Teuton Knight

  • Academy lvl 15 Stable lvl 10 is too high.
    Imperatoris with 30 atk less can be built with only stable level 5 and academy level 5 and they have pretty much same defense as Teutonic Knight, plus later they spend less crop due to Horse Drink..

    Even Cesaris requires only academy level 5 and its much more advanced technolocigly then semi unarmed teuton knight.
    Look at raider statistics. Gauls, romans. Where are teutons? Clubs are hitting at walls and residence, you cant use them after week 2 seriously.
    Axes are too slow for farm and expensive. Paladins die at wall just like club, sad.

    5 percent of people plays Teuton.

    Placing teuton knjight on academy level 5 is good, level 10 OKish but level 15 its too much.

    This is worst on night world. Now i see when i play night world. Gauls are best raiders, teutons cant come even close due to speed of units (you have only 16h of raid and he who gets first raid gets 10x more so WIN FOR THE GAUL defensive tribe).

    You cant fast raid with teuton, you can only do sieges and then 2,3 weeks build off again while other hapily farms around.

    Give us some break!! 999 attacks per village?WHo to send? Settlers?

  • Personally I never had problems with level 15, it's only one time payment, if you can't pay that, how you can make TK army.

    Each tribe has specific features, Teutons advantage is infantry Roman advantage is cavalry.

    first day Teutons can make Clubswingers that is faster than Legionnaires and cheaper in both time and resource.

    you think Romans are OP, and there is another topic someone else thinks Teutons are OP. FYI

    it's perfectly balanced as all the things should be.

    after all I think it might be better they bring EC to level 10 academy, it makes more sense to me :D

  • I don't think the academy level of TK's is a big problem, it's equivalent to Catapults and pretty much only useful when you go up to catapults anyways.

    The only time it actually matters is very early (after that you will want the academy to 15 for the catapults anyways) and in the early game you can raid much better with just clubs since the 999 isn't coming at you yet and distances are short. As for army power you probably don't have maxed out club production by the time you could realistically afford the academy 15 so I don't see a big issue from that front either.

    If you compare TK to EC then yes the academy is bit deceiving but then again you probably shouldn't be building EC at academy 5 levels anyhow. In this regard they should probably normalize EC into academy 15 rather than lowering TK's requirements since Haeduans are also 15

  • Exactly.

    TKs are mid and late game troops. So there is no reason to must have academy 15 which is uber expensive in start.
    Teutons can build only infantry for raids in start while all other tribes raid with horses.

    Then why is Haeudan not level 15? You got Thunders.

    I mean, statistics says all. Teutons dont stand a chance vs gaul or roman raider, specialy on night com worlds.
    Not my words, statistics.

  • I mean, statistics says all. Teutons dont stand a chance vs gaul or roman raider, specialy on night com worlds.
    Not my words, statistics.

    Yes, your words. Because you interpret statistics.

    Teutons are very strong in night truce farming, if you use them correctly, by the way. And their non-farmlist-raiding is way superior compared to thunders / ei, under the right (but forceable) circumstances.

    I would upper the academy requirement for EC/Haedus though. But TK are fine.