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  • Every time I want make another topic about wishes, I feel like I'm spamming :D

    no one reads these except some active forum members that have no power like me.

    Admins please make some rules and conditions that if an idea passed them, it will reviewed by developers, we all know they are busy so conditions can be hard.

    rules like: idea should not be about free gold, conditions like idea should have 333 likes, I don't know but you know what is needed.

    anyway I try again here is my sorted wish list in 2019

    (some of them has been said before)

    1. ability to input how many golds we want transfer to game world from lobby.
    2. show the current level and strength of troops in village overview and rally point. (example image attached)
    3. no default selected troop in barracks stable workshop.
    4. (not important) "I know everything" see through 50K scouts, achievement for successfully spying a village that have 50K+ scouts. which is usually WW.
    5. simple mobile site, I think we don't need everything on the go, a simple web app without animations, map, chat and other features.
    6. reduce mobile app permissions. like the other top games in market.
    7. ability to play the game with keyboard
    8. add magic to game (artifacts were magical we miss them)

    pretty sure number 5 not gonna happen :D

    I'll update this list later.


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