Hero equipment, attribute points balance and hero production for a gaul defensive account

  • Hello, i've been playing Trivian Kingdoms for a few days now and i decided to go as a defensive gaul account. The problem is, i don't know what armors and weapons should i use for one and how to balance my attribute points.

    Right now i go with 3 points on resources and one point in hero strength but i don't really know if its good for me to do that. Should i go 2 on resources and 2 on strength each time ?

    As for the armors and weapons i have absolutely no clue.. i want to buy some but i don't know wich one would benefit me as a def, peaceful, gaul account ?(

    I keep hero production on all resources all the time and i keep thinking if i should prioritize on one single resource.

  • There is only one right choice - it's strength points.

    Armor - any, but better with HP recovery/reduce(ex:chainmail/scale armour).

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  • Hm. Depends, if your adventure losses are in okay-ish range and you can handle the robber hideouts well, you can go for some points in resources. Otherwise you're likely better when skilling fighting strength.

    Armors/Weapons: As a defensive gaul, you train phalanxes primarily later on, and maybe some druidriders. Their respective weapons should be your way to go.

    Resource balance of the hero doesn't matter a lot. Pick what you're lacking right now and use the "from every resource something"-option when you go afk such that nothing overflows.

    Also, you should search an active kingdom before your beginners protection ends, it will reduce the danger of getting attacked early on a lot and often there are a handful of guys which will give you an advice or two. Don't hesitate to message big kingdoms btw, something worse than them saying no can't really happen.

  • buy a light scale armour as early as possible.(don't need to buy gold, sell other things). use first points on strength. otherwise your hero will die too much on adv and robbers. when you see your hero's HP is steady like losing 23 points per day from adv; and robbers and regaining same 23 points daily, from then you can assign hero points on resources or as you like

  • When I play with gold, First I stack Books of Knowledge. Often I change it to Str, and Resources. But it will cost you since first days you could buy with the price between 2.5k-5k per book. If you have a good amount of gold, you do it like that but you need to be patient, like stack 3 adventure, change stat to str, send robbers and adventure then change it to resources. If you are lucky, or if you have silver as mentioned you should buy Scale armor. But it will be expensive too. Also I need to warn you when you start playing with gold, you will be craving for gold on every server. It is not so balance changer, but when you play this game like hours in a day, It gives great advantages.

    About Defensive Gaul weapon, you should buy Phalanx Weapons(spear, pike of phalanx), but some times, you won't be able to send your Phalanxes in time, so go for a cheap druid, or heduan(depends your preference ) weapons. Also it is important to have "Standart"(Small,Normal,Large as game continues) and you can get map for your troops to get back home sooner, it will help you when you have limited time. Phalanx has the most efficiency so I would advise you to get Helmet of Infantry(Mercenary,Warrior,Archon The ones gives Barracks bonus.) but it is okey to have a Helmet of Horseman too. For boots, experience boots is okey but also you can have a shoes of endurance(the one which give speed >20 distance).

    Buying those item in earlier days will be hard because everybody will bid it. You can stack you silver from different items, I saw Shield cost 100k silver. Maybe you would be lucky to sell one and use them in new items and some gold advantages.

    And as you mentioned that you are a new player. I recommend you to get crop production bonus and plus at some point. Especially in World wonder Era.

  • Phalanx has the most efficiency so I would advise you to get Helmet of Infantry(Mercenary,Warrior,Archon The ones gives Barracks bonus.) but it is okey to have a Helmet of Horseman too.

    when i play def i like to use helmet of cultural point (gladiator, tribune, consul). cause, as a def i will produce phalanx in multiple villages. and the helmet of infantry/cavalry work only on one village. so CP helmet is better as it helps to get more village. and more village means more phalanx

  • The Defense Bonus from our Hero does it count for all our troups, or only for the troups of the village where the hero is attached to ?

    I've sent my hero with troups of all my villages to assist... would that Defense Bonus Help all my troups in assist, or only the troups that are coming from the village where my hero is attached ?

  • Yes, def bonus applies to all of your units from all of your villages that are already with your hero in a village.

    and your hero weapon applies to units from all players.

  • wait, the weapon applies to units of ALL players in a village? Not just your own?

    Yes. If your hero got a phalanx weapon equipped and stands in a village with phalanxes from multiple villages and players. All phalanxes will get the weapon bonus.

    But only one weapon counts. You can't have like 10 heroes with phalanx weapons and get the bonus multiple times. So if its multiple heroes defending, they should all have different weapons to gain as much strength as possible.