Kingdoms Road map

  • Hi,

    I'm a returning player (last played a few years ago on kingdoms, prior to that on travian 3.0/3.5/4).

    I moved over to kingdoms because I just think the presentation of the core mechanics is a little bit sharper. That and access via mobile is increasingly more important the busier I get.

    Looking over at Travian legends nowadays it seems (to me at least) like that platform has more going on (introducing new tribes, video/dev blogs etc.).

    Is there a road map that's been shared previously for the development and expansion of kingdoms? Or is it simply meant to be an spin off of legends based on a snapshot of the game at that time?


  • Right now what we are concentrating on is the App updates, with your feedback we can improve it even more:

    Android Beta Test Version 1.8-0 – New Menu Navigation

    And as well the actual game update we are in the process of installing:

    Roadmap v0.99: Roll-out on current live game worlds

    After that we are concentrating on the BBash game worlds, the yearly celebration we have for May.

    Going forward we are listening to the community, so one of the things is working on internal processes regarding multihunting and other plans that are not yet dated so I better give you details once we know the full details.

  • It would be awesome if you could plan to iron out the minor issues on the App and hopefully give it more of the functionality of the browser!

    Main things for me on the app would be;

    The Marketplace - have the option like on browser to put resources per merchant as opposed to trying to get a slider to an exact number.

    Players/Kingdoms - Be able to select a Player/Kingdom like you can on browser to see their villages etc. This is very difficult to do on App.

    Map - the brower map gives so much more information and faster.

    Card Game access on App? When I started on my first server on kingdoms I didn't know about the card game until someone told me about it! I play ~90% on the App.

    King ability to set menhirs up on App.

    Ideally it'd be nice to see the App have same functionality of the browser, I know this will take time but the App is a huge leap forward for accessibility for most.

  • Yes, it would be very interesting to have that.

    Right now the App is just a companion, so you play in the browser and when you cannot for some reason you play on the App.

    We will study your comments in the team. Thank you very much CobaltNine#EN

    Please keep them coming!

  • Menhir no limit relocation and Vacation mode , we been asking for a fix for more than a year

    I can speak for most of my team , we are out of the game after the current round

  • DKTIN#EN yes, those are things we may visit soon, it is in our minds, but there are things we are giving attention to at this moment in time that have us occupied.

    I cannot promise what is not in my hand to give, but, don't give up on us yet please.

    I have hope for the future.

  • Ok i need a road map on how to run a Kingdom when ur alone without a Pre made team :D

    is there a place where i can find players to join me if so pls let me know :D

    This is all in BOLD because no one is replying in AHjin Guild for bash server so i need a place to get players :D