Kingdoms Road map

  • Hi,

    I'm a returning player (last played a few years ago on kingdoms, prior to that on travian 3.0/3.5/4).

    I moved over to kingdoms because I just think the presentation of the core mechanics is a little bit sharper. That and access via mobile is increasingly more important the busier I get.

    Looking over at Travian legends nowadays it seems (to me at least) like that platform has more going on (introducing new tribes, video/dev blogs etc.).

    Is there a road map that's been shared previously for the development and expansion of kingdoms? Or is it simply meant to be an spin off of legends based on a snapshot of the game at that time?


  • not sure if you are serious but TK devs never had a plan for the last 10 years thats why its still a beta

    5 years

    • Hardcore - ru5 (Duke, 1st place)
    • Narcos - com7 (King, 2nd place)
    • △ - com1n (King, 1st place)
    • The Wall - test (Governor, 1st place)
    • △ - com1nx3 (King, 1st place)
    • LIHKG - com1x3 (Governor, 1st place)
    • Legion - ru1x3 (King, 1st place)
    • NFs - com2x3 (Governor, 1st place)
    • HellFarm - Threat (Governor, 1st place)
    • △ - com1x3 (King, 2nd place)
    • PREDATOR - test (Governor, 1st place)
    • NewEra - frx3 (Duke, 1st place)