How do upgrade gems (from card game) work?

  • Just having trouble finding info on upgrading items. I have a shoe upgrade for example and it doesn't tell me squat as to what it does. Does it maybe upgrade the shoe to the next tier? Or does it do something different entirely? Also with variances do those carry over to the upgraded shoe? As in if my boots of knowledge have 13% (-2% variance) does the next upgrade also 100% have 18% (-2% variance)?

  • You can attach the gems to items, making them stronger (you see which item gets which bonus when trying to upgrade). You can attach up to 5 gems to a single item. But they don't upgrade it a whole tear.

    For instance, tier 2 barracks helmet with 15% training time reduction can be upgraded to 16/17/18/19/20 training time reduction with 1/2/3/4/5 gems. You attach them by using them in the hero inventory (left clicking on them).

  • also upgrading items doesn't change the quality of item.

    a poor quality item with 5 gems, is still poor, and you will get half of the price when you selling it.